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What happens when you are Size Happy and Healthy?

You get dressed feeling awesome, you don’t cringe in the mirror, you walk out of the house and meet others feeling more confident, your relationships thrive, and you stop comparing yourself to other people. 

Body image Size HHImagine never having to aim for a particular number on the scales, because you know when you're at the right weight for you..

No more dieting or feeling deprived, but getting results so awesome that people have to ask what you have been up to.

Switch from feeling tired, grumpy and unappealing most of the time, to waking up feeling free, motivated, and with a deeply attractive energy that communicates with others before you have even opened your mouth.

Insecurities show without you saying a word, so if you are busy worrying about your muffin top, stretch marks, or mum tum, your entire energy and behaviour can be affected by that in a negative way.

This can impact every area of your life without you even realising that it all boils down to one thing - you don't feel confident in your Size HHbody.

Like anything worth while, a Size HH body and mind will not come overnight, it takes practice for your brain to make the necessary long-term changes, but the sooner you start the better, so do not delay.

No BS, no excuses, if you want to stop wasting time on things that don’t work, you know what to do...

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How Size HH Can Benefit You...

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If you are struggling with body confidence or weight issues, Size HH will help you to:



Lose excess weight
Reach your body's ideal body fat level, without going hungry or feeling like you are missing out on anything!
Change unhealthy habits
We become attached to habits, even if they are no good us. Thankfully we are not stuck with them! Learn how to break the ones that hold you back and make new ones to benefit you!
Feel more fabulous!
Learn the secrets of true body confidence - the type that stops you from comparing yourself to others and also stops you worrying about what others think of you. This comes from your own mind and cannot be found in any shop...
Be motivated!
Discover how to be and stay more motivated to make the changes you would love to make. Don't let motivation be the reason you settle for less or slip back to old habits that were holding you back.
Feel better in minutes
Benefit from our simple, body beautiful techniques you can do pretty much anywhere, anytime
Tone your body
Fit these toning and strengthening exercises into your current daily routine so you always have a daily base of endorphin-producing exercise, then anything you do on top of that will be a great bonus!

Overview of Size HH

Chapter One

Where The Magic Happens ~ The mind

You mind is your main assistant for becoming Size Happy and Healthy. When your thoughts are in the right place, everything else becomes so much easier! See what happens when you adopt the Size HH mindset, it's a wonderful feeling!

Chapter Two

Small changes make big differences ~ Lifestyle

Here you will discover how to make new healthy habits and weaken the ones that may be preventing you from feeling your best. Whatever lifestyle you have, you can do this!

Chapter Three

A Good Body Is Made In The Kitchen ~ Nutrition

We love food here at Size HH! No one wants to be told what they should and shouldn't eat. Instead, we focus on which fuel foods will enhance your mind and body and why. We like to keep nutrition simple because, well, why complicate it? Balance is our motto...

Chapter Four

Stretching, Posture and Toning ~ Exercise

This section of the book helps you to ingrain stretching, posture and toning techniques into your daily habits, to give you fast results and a strong base to build yourself up...

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The Testimonials

Elle McKenzie

“If you are a Yo-Yo dieter, then this book is for you. If you're unhappy with your body image, then this book is for you. If you want to understand how dieting undermines your life, then buy this book. It is filled with common sense and with an approach to 'life with food' that is both happy and healthy .”

Karen Morris, Beyond the Bathroom Scales

“Size HH offers fad-free and practical advice on nutrition , exercise and forming healthy habits such as drinking plenty of water and improving your sleep. It's a quick read and the case studies included in the book are very relatable for me personally. I would recommend this book as an ideal starting point for anyone looking to improve their health and body confidence.”

Kellie Lopez

“This book is for anyone who is raging a constant battle with their weight or body image! Having yo-yo dieted throughout my 20's I can only wish I'd known these pearls of wisdom back then! Easy to read and full of great tips! I especially love the easy recipes and everyday exercises that will fit in around any busy Mum’s schedule! Size H&H is a book that inspires you to love & nurture yourself which really is the key to being Happy & Healthy.”

Joanna Victoria, Blogger

Size HH (Happy, Healthy) written by Eva George is an easy to read pocket guide all about how to feel great about yourself, ditch the scales and focus on health for long term weight control and happiness. The book has 4 fab sections about the mind, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

About The Author

Eva George is an Author and Mum of three girls, with a passion for helping women increase their body confidence and focus on being healthy over skinny, after suffering with low body confidence herself for many years.

Read Eva's story in the Size HH book... 


Eva George

Eva once had such a poor body image that even at a young age and low weight she wanted to have cosmetic surgery. But after three children and learning lessons about mind techniques, habit forming, nutrition, and focussing on happiness and health above all else, she has found the ultimate balance. Through this book, Eva wants to help women to make the most of their unique shape without dieting, so they can enjoy life without worrying about weight and size.

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