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Weight loss and diets are huge subjects for many of us girls/women of all ages. The way we feel about our bodies can affect so many areas of life, leading us to surgery, extreme dieting, binging, starving and generally feeling awful. Even when we have reached our goal size or weight, there is usually something we still find to criticize about ourselves, it’s never ending. Or is it?

Is it time to find a way to feel genuinely happy in your body and be the healthiest version of you, without dieting or doing anything extreme? I think yes! I also think the focus needs to come away from what society promotes as the perfect shape or size and focus more on people being fit and healthy because that is really what counts! When you aim for healthy, the right size for you will come as a result, and quickly…

Everything starts in the mind, so we start there too. Our expert contributors show you ways to make new, healthier habits and let go of the old ones. Plus we show you how to start appreciating your body and look at yourself in a more positive way, today. We promise there is nothing far-fetched in there, just a few things we think you may relate to.

Lifestyle is an important factor when it comes to becoming Size Happy & Healthy. No amount of exercise dvd’s, health books, or information will be any use if you are not getting enough sleep or too stressed out to actually concentrate on anything. We cover all this too.

On the nutrition side of things, we focus more on foods that are reeeally good to eat, rather than things you can’t or shouldn’t eat. Food that not only tastes good but makes you look and feel good too! We also show you how to make your regular meals healthier and how to aid your natural detox process, plus lots more.

The book is not meant to be a detailed lecture on food and health, it’s meant to be kept simple, light-hearted and above all, real. It is a place to start, a place to turn for motivation, and a place to learn essential facts to keep with you for life. Size HH understands your hectic lifestyle, that we are all different shapes and sizes, with different likes and dislikes. We understand that there are unique reasons why you may be thinking about reading this book.

If Size HH project can help even one girl/women to feel better about herself and inspired to become the best version of herself then the hard work has all been worth it. She may then go on to inspire someone else to do the same…. Who runs the world? Girls.

Thank you all so much for your support so far, I know we have not given much away about the whole project yet, but we will make it up to you, promise!

At the moment, the final touches to the book are taking place and will be ready to purchase in print and for online readers by December 1st 2015.

Eva George – Author

Eva grew up on the East Coast of England. She found her love of writing as a child but never had the confidence to pursue it as a career until her twenties. Instead,she worked in a varied range of jobs including cleaner, care work, make-up artist/beauty therapist, promotions and marketing. During that time, Eva appeared in the media in some of the UK’s leading publications including The News of the World’s Fabulous Magazine, The Sun newspaper, and Lorraine Kelly’s TV show talking about self-image in young girls and how she was planning to have cosmetic surgery and botox at a young age because she hated her body.

After appearing on Lorraine’s show, Eva didn’t go through with the botox or surgery but took off traveling instead. It gave her time to mature a little, reflect and the courage to go for what she truly loved – writing.

Eva landed her dream job working with some media agencies in Marbella and writing for some well-known brands and publications. Even though she specialised in health/beauty writing, ghosts from the past about these subjects still haunted her…It wasn’t until after the birth of her first child that Eva realised she had discovered Size HH and felt compelled to start writing as a way to help other women who might feel the same.

Two children later, the book is finally complete and Eva would like to let you in on a few need to know secrets so that you can discover Size Happy & Healthy too.

Find out more in the book!

Jacqui Malpass – Editor

jacqui malpass editor

Jacqui Malpass – Editor

Our wonderfully eccentric Editor and Contributor, Jacqui Malpass, has been writing (and inspiring other people to write) for many years.

As an author of 6 books and cowriter for many others, Jacqui has had plenty of life experience to share as well as education. These days she spends her time as a book writing coach, personal brand strategist and mentor for over 16,000 students and clients across the world. Jacqui’s interests and knowledge in food and wellbeing made her a great choice to be our Editor.

Like most of us she has struggled with different body images along her journey but has found a healthy size she is happy with and would like to share some of her tips with you. *Tip – check out her delicious raw chocolate dessert recipe on our blog! * (coming soon) Jacqui is also open minded to the holistic world and has previously trained as a crystal healer, Reiki practitioner, NLP practitioner. Find out more about Jacqui here –

Mindset Trainer, Caroline Ferguson

Caroline Ferguson Mindset trainer

When we were searching for the right expert to contribute to our mind and lifestyle section, we were absolutely blessed to be introduced to Caroline Ferguson.

After 20+ years working as a business communications consultant, Caroline found her true north when she retrained as a cognitive behavioural specialist, hypnotherapist and Mindset Trainer. She helps aspiring high performers and game changers to overturn the limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits that are stopping them from choosing a life that matters. Caroline offers some unforgettable tips and knowledge on habit changing and other subjects in the Size HH book. The mind is a wonderful thing but it can also be present you with doubt, fear and plenty of other pesky thoughts and feelings that could stop you from doing what you really want to do. You have the power to change it if you want to learn how…

Natalie Guyan – Contributor

natalie before

One of our real life case studies, Natalie is a mother of two girls and has an inspiring story we wanted to share with you. Natalie finally found Size Happy and Healthy after years of denial, dieting and self-neglect, she learnt the hard way.

natalie after

Natalie has now taken things to levels she never thought possible and is very passionate about supporting, motivating and inspiring other women about being comfortable in their own skin and being the best version of themselves.

Without giving too much away, Natalie’s story is a giggle to read and one many of you will relate to. Keep an eye out on our blog for regular updates on Natalie! Sign up here –

sleep guru sleeping beauty Anandi

Sleep Guru ~ Anandi Francis

Anandi is our very own sleep guru as featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire and OK magazine to name a few! Anandi shows us why sleep is crucial to becoming Size HH and how to get more of it with a busy lifestyle and without the use of sleeping pills.

Also a registered yoga teacher, qualified personal trainer and hypnotherapist, Anandi has spent over 25 years studying many paths of wellbeing. Find out more about The Sleep Guru here –

sleep guru yoga Anandi

Illustrator ~ Mercedes Lopez Charro

Relatively new to the illustration world, Mercedes has already made an amazing impact with her work starting as a fashion illustrator for some excellent commissions.

The diversity and beauty of Mercedes’ artwork has led to her becoming very busy very quickly, working for a wide range of clients, both private and corporate, so we are glad we found her in time!

We hope the illustrations created for Size HH make you smile throughout the book! You can see more of Mercedes fabulous artwork at