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Be happy & ditch the scales!

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How often do you check your weight on the scales?

How often does the result leave you feeling less than happy?

As women, our weight fluctuates constantly from water retention and other factors, so it’s almost impossible to see an accurate reading if you weigh yourself too often (ie everyday).

 Sometimes we become so fixated on an ideal weight we would like to be, so we keep checking and waiting in judgment of the scales, until we reach that magic number. Once that number is reached, a new struggle begins to maintain that number!

 Our weight is made up from many things including water, bones, muscle, organs and body fat. Just because the scales say you have lost 2lb this week ( or put on 2lb) doesn’t necessarily mean it’s body fat. It could be water or muscle…

What about scales that measure body fat, muscle etc?

Scales that measure body composition are a much better choice for measuring health, compared to traditional scales that just measure overall weight. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that even the expensive ones are not 100% accurate and, like most things, best when used in moderation. Some people may even use these types of scales more often than the traditional types because there are more interesting results to find out! Unfortunately this just provides more opportunities to be disheartened by the result. Body composition scales are definitely more helpful than traditional scales for measuring health progress though 100%.

If you like to track your progress, we think a tape measure once per month can be a good way of doing this because it’s tailored to every inch of your unique shape, rather than a computer judging you over-all. It is also less likely you will disappointed by the result because you will become more accepting of the different parts to your figure and be less focused on trying to force your entire body down to a certain weight.

We want you to stay as positive as possible from now on and forget about reaching a certain size or weight. This will allow you to aim for premium health and vitality instead! So, do you have the courage to ditch the scales? Let us know!

Click HERE to see Natalie Guyan, one of our contributors, finally ditching her scales once and for all!



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What size or shape is best for your body?

We have received a few questions about the book and what we stand for, so I decided to put all this information in a blog. I realise fat and weight loss can be a controversial subject for some people, so we want our message to be clear.SHH scales (2)

We promote body confidence and health at every size. Whatever clothing size you are, there is every reason for aiming to be as healthy as possible. Even small changes, or just one healthier change every day, helps us to feel more body confident.

However we also know that it’s not actually possible for everybody to be healthy at every size. To be very under or overweight is usually not a healthy balance for most people. Our bodies all have a natural balance of body fat, different for every woman. If we maintain a weight or body fat level above or below our natural balance, for long periods of time, we will start to notice the effects health wise.

Of course your clothing size doesn’t necessarily govern how healthy or happy you are and it’s not a reflection of who you are as a person either. You are more important than any number on the scales and still you at whatever size or weight, so let’s forget clothing sizes as a goal and focus on health instead. When optimum health is your goal, the right, natural size and weight for your shape will come as a result and you will feel better than ever.

Not everyone puts on weight through eating and not everybody who is thin has become that way through eating, yet everybody is usually judged the same.

‘She looks overweight, she must eat too much’

‘She looks too thin she must be starving herself’

The media doesn’t always help, actually publishing this information about celebrities, making us think that this is what’s important. The only thing that really matters in life is our health, our loved ones and the planet we live on. That’s what is important.

Some people feel better about themselves when they are curvier and some feel better about themselves leaner, it is just the way of the world and we have appreciate everyone is different and respect that. What we do believe in though, is learning to love and appreciate your body for what it is and can do, not just what it looks like. Yes image is something in this world unfortunately, but health and happiness is far more important!

If you genuinely feel body confident, happy and healthy you have cracked it, but if not, the book is there for people that want to feel better, quickly. Weight loss is not our main focus but happens to be a side effect for people whose eating behaviour has lead them to becoming over weight. Habits and eating behaviour can be made healthier if that’s what you want…

More to come about habit changing with tips and challenges on our future blogs!

We would love to hear what you think, comment below or email us at



Looking for healthier ways to enjoy chocolate? This one is for you…

Ahh chocolate. So bad, yet so good. It’s my biggest weakness and something my brain knows will provide pure, unadulterated, milk chocolatedeliciousness at any time of ‘need’. As a mum of two young toddlers, chocolate is my little luxury and something to treat myself to after a long day.

We all know sugary treats are not healthy, but everything in moderation right?  To save myself from the effects of  my regular love affair with this man made luxury, I set about trying to find some healthier ways to eat it (possibly so I could enjoy it more regularly without the feelings of guilt afterwards).

You may have heard that dark chocolate can be good for you but find it tastes bitter compared to your favourite milk chocolates. If you don’t fancy yourself as a dark chocolate connoisseur, don’t lose hope just yet. There are dark chocolates out there that don’t make you feel as if you’re being punished to eat them, you just have to find the ones for you! Check out A Beginners guide to Dark Chocolate by Nadia Williams for ideas and some guilt free ways to enjoy it too.

In fact, now scientists claim to have created a chocolate so healthy it could be taken as medicine and it doesn’t taste bitter! Better still, this dark chocolate is said to be just 35% fat with a rich dose of antioxidants and minerals.

Gregory Aharonian of Kuka Xoco, which is developing the chocolate, said: ‘Using micrograms of coca plant extract, we can de-bitter unsweetened cacao.

‘This eliminates the need for sugar, sweeteners and much of the fat in chocolate, unleashing the medical benefits of cacao.’ Read more here.

As well as solid chocolate, what other healthy options do we have when we need something to settle the craving? Apart from distraction (which genuinely works), try these healthy choccy additions to add to your menu.

  • Chocolate with zero calories – cocoa infused tea or chocolate teas are amazing. Don’t expect them to be like thick milky hot chocolate but, they smell good, taste good, have nutritional benefits, and contribute to our water intake. Winner!
  • Cacao powder or nibs (Raw, organic if possible) – Thought to be the highest source of antioxidants of all foods, cacao is chocolate in its purest form. It does have more of a bitter taste but contains all the benefits of dark chocolate without the added fat and sugar. It is also a source of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. Instead of reaching for conventional choccy bars, try adding raw cocoa powder to porridge and smoothies, sprinkling over fruit salads, or as a base for yummy chocolate sauces.
  • Cocoa powder (unsweetened) – Slightly less nutrition-packed than cacao powder as it is processed at higher temperatures, but if you can find some without added sugar, oils or fats, you can enjoy your chocolate hit, minus the guilt. Both Cocoa and cacao powder can be used as a healthier alternative in cooking and baking, there are loads of recipes floating around online.
  • Healthier chocolate desserts like this easy to make raw chocolate and chia pudding from our Editor, Jacqui Malpass, or this scrummy Naked Chocolate Cake by The Healthy Chef!
  • Love chocolate ice cream? Try this luxurious dairy free, gluten and soy free chocolate ice cream from Booja Booja as a delicious alternative.

Feel free to share your own healthier chocolate recipes with us at, we would love to see and share them!