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Size HH E-Book Online Launch 2nd December 2015!

We’re are very pleased to announce, the Size HH e-book will be available from 2nd December 2015!! To mark the occasion we are holding an online launch in collaboration with Costa Women!

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We believe that it’s vital that women of all ages come together to support each other on feeling better about themselves and improving their health and body image.   That’s why we really appreciate the backing of such a great network as Costa Women to openly and honestly discuss these sensitive issues in a supportive environment.

The online launch on Wednesday December 2nd will include a day full of online activities including a Facebook event, Twitter chat and competitions!

As weight loss and body image are such hot topics at the moment, the Size HH team will also be running a story sharing competition and would like you to be involved!

Do you have (or know anyone with) a great success story of finding a healthy size you are genuinely happy with, without dieting or doing anything extreme? If so and you would like to share it to inspire other women and be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes, please email us at or comment below.

You can join us for the launch in the following ways –

RSVP on our Facebook launch event on 2nd December

Take part in our Twitter chat at 11am GMT on 2nd December using the hashtag #SizeHH to discuss the topic – How to be healthy and happy with your body

Be healthy and happy with Size HH and Costa Women! Costa-Women-

More details to follow! See you there!


Size HH

Tell Us Your Success Story of Finding Size HH!

At Size HH, we are passionate about helping women of all ages feel better about their bodies and are extremely excited to share this project with you!

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After two years, the Size HH book is finally ready and will be launched on December 2nd to inspire busy women like us to look and feel the best they can.

When writing the book, we picked the brains of  experts and learnt from stories of amazing women who have struggled with their weight and body image but eventually succeeded in finding a healthy size they are genuinely happy with.

These stories really inspired us, but we know this is just the tip of the iceberg and so we want to hear your story too!

Our aim is to bring together inspirational and useful personal stories of people trying to find their Size Happy & Healthy so that we can all learn from and gain support from like-minded women who have or are struggling with the same issues.

To make it worth your while, we are offering a great prizes from brands including Fitbit and Nutribullet for the story that we feel is most powerful and inspiring. Even if you don’t win, you can know that you have inspired and supported hundreds of women struggling with the same issues you have accomplished, which is very important!

Share your story by posting in the comments below this post, or anywhere else you like to express yourself and then putting the link below before December 4th at 4pm GMT.

We will announce the winner on December 4th, and there are loads of other chances to win during our online launch on December 2nd, so sign up to our Facebook event for more information

We’re looking forward to reading/hearing your stories!



Make Your Favourite Meals Healthier!

adding nutritionWant to make your favourite meals better for you?

There is lots of information out there already about adapting meals to make them healthier, so I’m not going to go into detail about it here, but I thought it might be good to share a few basic tips.

You can take pretty much any meal and make it better for you in seconds, just by adding some extra nutrition to it. For example, just by adding a teaspoon of seeds, like chia, to salads, yogurts, porridge, scrambled eggs, soups, sandwiches, smoothies, desserts you will be giving yourself a dose of fibre and protein than you would not have had otherwise! Chia seeds are high in essential fatty acids (omega 3’s) and are a terrific course of energy. They are also easy and relatively quick to grow so you needn’t buy many before you could start enjoying your own. You can grow chia whether you live in a small apartment, or a mansion! They are not fussy and their only demands are regular water and to not have to compete with any weeds and other plants.

Other nutritious seeds you can easily pop into meals and snacks could be things like sesame seeds, ground flax seeds, pomegranate seeds (eating the fruit whole or sprinkling the juicy seeds onto whatever you want), and grape seeds. Seeds may be small but heck they are powerful!adding nutrition

Beans and lentils are another nutritious ingredient you can easily slip into many meals for an extra boost of protein, fibre and energy! Try them in curries, salads, soups, stews and so much more.

Herbs & spices

Seasoning your food with delicious herbs and spices not only makes it taste divine, it also packs in some extra goodness! Green herbs are usually better fresh (although still good dried), but things like black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, chilli and cloves still hold some superb nutritional benefits when dried. If you are not feeling confident in the kitchen yet, there are some unbelievably tasty, premade seasonings available. (We love these after finding them on Instagram). Sprinkle them over meat, fish, salads, casseroles, pastas, you name it! Even simple combinations like lemon, honey and ginger tea is a natural wellbeing boost with benefits. Herbs and spices can be used in literally hundreds of health provoking ways!

Cooking and dressing oils

Using nutritious oils for dressings and only cooking in unsaturated oils is an easy way to make meals healthier without battering an eyelid.

olive oilOlive oil is rich in good fats and has no effect on insulin which is great news for those with diabetes. There is no need to fork out on expensive extra virgin oils for cooking though, as it can’t reach a high temperature without losing its nutrients. The premium stuff is better saved for salads and dressings.

Other nutritious oils include; Flaxseed/linseed oil, Avocado oil, Almond oil and coconut oil. Although coconut oil is a saturated fat, when consumed in small doses, it can be used as a healthier alternative to butter and sunflower oil.

We will look at the healthiest ways to prepare and cook your favourite meals in another post!

Do you have any tips for adding nutrition to meals? Let us know in the comments!

Should You Go Organic For A Healthier Lifestyle?

Ever since organic food hit our supermarket shelves, there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not is it actually better for you. Shops always charge more for organic produce, so we would like to think it holds more benefits right? Many of us have been advised, or read things that urge us to ‘go organic’ if we want to be healthy. So what is really true?


Well it’s true that organic fruit and veg is usually produced in ways that’s kinder to the environment. It’s also true that organic fruit and veg will contain very little pesticides and insecticides compared to standard super market veg (although the traces found in standard fruit and veg is still well below the EU regulatory limit.) These can be two huge plus points for some people.

What is not true is that organic products guarantee more nutritional benefits. They don’t necessarily…

As long as your fruit and veggies are fresh, washed well, and not cooked to death, (wherever they came from), you will benefit from eating them. Organic farmers sometimes use pesticides too, though these would also have to be organic and be used as little as possible.

The point is, if organic is not readily available to you, or you couldn’t give two hoots about it, there is no real drama! Organic or not, it’s actually managing to eat the fruit and veg that counts! This is what so many of us struggle to keep up with every single day.

I am a big believer in buying what I can from local markets for my fruit, veg and fish. Not only does it work out better value for money, but that money goes back into the local community and it has a chance of being organic anyway! Many farmers produce organic fruit and veg, but don’t go through the process of becoming certified.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, or fruit and vegetables make up the main bulk of your diet, you may want to discover more about the benefits of organic and be more conscious about the quality of fruit and veg you buy and where you buy it from. The same goes if you tend to suffer with allergies, it may be wiser to go organic whenever possible.

Which delicious fruit and veg will you be having today?