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The Making of Size HH: Part 2 ~ Illustrations and Design

Having always favoured any kind of creative work like photography, writing, and make-up artistry, it’s fair to say I’m quite a visual person. So whilst writing Size HH, I couldn’t help but drift off into day dreams about what kind of images should compliment the text.

I was forever being urged to just focus on the writing and leave the illustrations until a bit later, but I couldn’t help myself and began the hunt for an illustrator quite early on.

Size HH illustration

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Size HH editor

The Making of Size HH: Part 1 – Finding an Editor

Blimey, time really does fly when you’re having fun! It’s crazy to think the idea of Size HH book began nearly four years ago. What started off as a load of notes and articles, soon turned into the basis of a book with a strong message to deliver.

Right from the start, I wanted a great team of women to help make the book the best it could be and the first person I needed was an editor.

After literally months of searching for the right one, I put up a status on social media for recommendations and was introduced to Jacqui Malpass by a fellow author. After checking out Jacqui’s website, I breathed a sigh of relief as I knew I had finally found the right person. Read More