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sun louger toning exercises

10 Toning Exercises You Can Do From A Sun Lounger!

Whether you’re chilling in the back yard or relaxing on holiday, you can give yourself a nice dose of endorphins, tone and strengthen your body in as little as 10/20 minutes and you don’t even have to leave the sun bed!

Start by giving yourself a stretch including neck, back and shoulders, align your posture and take a deep breath. Now try some of these moves that focus on the most common areas we usually want to tone up like arms, stomach, bottom and thighs;

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self care you time

The Making of Size HH: Part 6 ~ Self Care and You Time

There are thousands of health, fitness and lifestyle books out there, full of great ideas to make positive changes and maybe even help you lose excess weight. What I found many of them don’t do though, is show us how to actually make the time to implement the tips into your current lifestyle. Not just physical clock time, but time in your brain just for you… Read More

happy healthy mindset

The Making of Size HH: Part 5 ~ Happy, Healthy Mindset

I love the feeling of enthusiasm for a new venture or plan. Like the anticipation of starting a new ‘eat clean’ diet, or when you feel all motivated to join a gym, or buy a new exercises DVD. It’s a great feeling and one that we hope will last…

A week or two later you may not be seeing the results you wanted, only feeling the aches and pains from suddenly doing loads more exercise and eating clean has felt more like daylight robbery of all your favourite things. To top it all off, the joys of a busy life, tiredness and unexpected things occur to throw you off track with your goals.

So how do you make it past that first week, or even the first few months of trying to make major positive changes, without going back to old habits when life throws in a bunch of hurdles? Read More