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What They Don’t Tell You About Drinking More Water

All health enthusiasts (including us) regularly encourage people to stay hydrated and drink enough water. That’s all we hear right? Drink more water to reduce effects of aging, drink more water to help with weightloss and detoxing, drink more water to become a supermodel. Ok maybe not the last one but you get the point, we are constantly encouraged to drink more water. Read More


Exclusive Interview With Personal Trainer Elliott Upton

If we had to pick one key message to give through the Size HH project, it would be to aim for healthy instead of skinny. Being thin doesn’t necessarily make us feel good, but a healthy mind and body always does. This is the main reason we featured Natalie Guyan’s story in the book, because she flat-out proves that dieting to reach a certain weight is highly disappointing, not to mention tiring.

Natalie reached her turning point after confiding in a personal trainer friend, Elliott Upton, and we took the pleasure of interviewing him just for you!

It’s a fab read so grab yourself a drink and get yourself comfy! Read More