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If Positive Thinking Isn’t Working For You, Read This…

Have you ever felt really low and it seems like everyone around you is happy, except you? Have people told you to think positive, or not to worry, just look on the bright side etc, but you just can’t snap out of it? You are not alone…

I am a big believer in seeking the positive side of things. I also believe you can attract amazing things into your life by thinking more positively…

However, there are times when I hear someone being told to ‘think positive’ and it makes me cringe a little inside. Read More

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Why You Should Stop Aiming For A Specific Weight Or Size…

Has losing weight been more difficult than you imagined?

Like many of us, you may have tried various diets and exercise programs but found them too exhausting to keep up with, or they don’t give the results you really want. Even if they do, it can be hard work to maintain those results for long before feeling like you are back at square one again.  Read More

Size HH Feel Body Beautiful Roadshow 27th April

We are very excited to be hosting our first ever Feel Body Beautiful roadshow event on Wednesday 27th of April at the Castle Mall, Norwich!

Size HH event

As part of the event there will be a number of fun, free activities for shoppers to enjoy, including mini makeovers from Boots No7 and pampering from Charisma Beauty & Nails. The Size HH team will be on hand to answer questions, share celeb style posture secrets, give tips on dressing to flatter your figure with clothes and accessories from New Look and offer advice for improving the way we think about our bodies. The author Eva George will also be doing her first book signing in celebration of the paperback launch.

Read More

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Size HH Reader Reviews and Comments

Wow we are really feeling the love in the Size HH office this afternoon, thank you all so much for your support for the project and for all your fabulous comments and reviews on the book so far! I will try not to be mushy but you are amazing and I am in awe of hearing about how you have been implementing parts of it into your own life.

Read More

Why Is Size HH The Most Enviable Size To Be?

After the success of the ebook launch in December, we have been working extremely hard behind the scenes at Size HH planning more amazing things for you this year! The first thing on our list was to publish the book in paperback for everyone who had requested it, so we are very pleased to announce it is finally here!

Size HH

We will be officially releasing the paperback in the spring with a UK event and some challenges you can join in with, but until then the book will be available from Amazon, or direct from our website.

We designed the book big enough to be a comfortable read, but small enough to carry around and pop into your handbag. Imagine reading it in the bath, on the train, or even on the beach! This is a great way to start feeling and looking fabulous this year, even if nothing has worked for you in the past.

Why is Size HH the most enviable size to be?

It leads to contentment, more energy, better wellbeing and a secret inner confidence you may only have had as a child. It’s never too late or too early to start, your time could be now…

For those who have started reading already, don’t forget to join our facebook VIP readers group for daily tips, motivation, recipes and exclusive videos.

Size Happy & Healthy Success Story Competition winner

When we launched our competition last year to find women willing to share their story about finding contentment with their bodies, we were full of excitement to hear from lots of girls and women who had found it. So after the first few tumble weeds blew around our competition email box, we knew we had to reach out and find out what was going on…

What we discovered was that many of us find it a lot easier to talk about things we don’t like about our bodies, rather than the things we do and that there should definitely be more success stories from women who genuinely feel comfortable and confident in their own body!

Of course this is the very reason Eva George started the Size HH project and wrote the book, to help other women find a healthy size they are genuinely happy with.

NutribulletThe prize for our story sharing competition was a health provoking Nutribullet super blender to see our winner off to a great start this year! Our well-deserved winner was Carlie Bateman, who shared her story about a rollercoaster ride with weight; from being overweight and unhappy, to falling ill and becoming underweight and unhappy. Carlie managed to find her natural balance and a great mind-set that enabled her to put her health before anything and appreciate the fantastic body that she has, which ultimately led her to having a figure she has never been happier with.size happy & healthy

Carlie and family have been enjoying making delicious and nutritious smoothies this week! ” My two young boys love it as well, it’s a great way for us all to easily eat more good stuff without any fuss, thanks Size HH!”

We have plenty more competitions and things you can join in with this year, so if you haven’t already, sign up below so you never miss a thing! Don’t worry, we don’t spam and would never share details with anyone.

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10 Things To Help You Feel And Look Better In minutes!

Soon as we don’t live life in a movie, it’s normal to have days where we feel more frumpy than fabulous. The way we feel about our body can impact our entire day, even our love life and work life, so we want to help you to feel as good as possible, as quickly as possible – because the world is a better place when women are happy!

Here are our top tips to help you feel and look better in surprisingly quick time! look better Size HH


  1. Posture – Have you ever adjusted your posture in front of a full length mirror and seen what a difference it makes? If not, try it! Stand up straight, stomach in, shoulders back and chin up. Take a look at the postures of people you look up to and mimic them for an instant confidence boost.
  2. Affirmations/Think positive – If you frequently tell yourself and others you can’t do things, you are not good at something, or you will never be able to do that, try practicing some positive affirmations to say the opposite. Honestly, don’t underestimate the power of doing this. When you have repetitive negative thoughts about yourself or your body, does it leave you feeling low? Yes! So it can work both ways. Positive thoughts, leave you feeling good!
  3. Meditation – This doesn’t have to be a full blown meditation sesh, but if you are feeling a bit yukky, take 5 minutes at least to just breathe and compose yourself. Clear your mind by only focusing on breathing calmly in and out, gaining some inner emotional strength.
  4. Deep breaths – Deep breaths not only make you feel better, you are also giving oxygen to every party of your body, including the skin. If you want to give your face a perk up, take some deep breaths and relax… A tense expression puts years on anyone’s age!
  5. Smiling – They say there is no prettier woman than a happy woman. A smile radiates happiness and makes you feel better too. We can ALL find something to smile about.
  6. Being thankful – Feeling grateful is a tremendously good feeling, so if you want a reason to smile, think of something you are truly thankful for. Is it your family, friends, children, pets, house, anything that makes you feel genuinely thankful will make you smile inside. It’s those kind of emotions that makes your eyes sparkle and smile too!
  7. Visualising – Having visions of yourself feeling great, looking great and being confident is a huge step in making it happen. Imagining the opposite won’t do anything other than make you feel bad…So visualise good! Shove any doubts to one side and only visualise the best version of yourself.
  8. Cosmetics – We are lucky that some intelligent people have put together some fabulous products to enhance our features. Even the right moisturiser can make the world of difference to our appearance and that’s without mentioning any kind of makeup or fake tan! Cosmetics, hair styling and wardrobe can be instant mood boosters so let’s not be afraid to use them to our advantage! No need to doll yourself right up (unless you want to obviously) even the smallest effort can make you feel better instantly.
  9. Stretching – Yes stretching can help you feel and even look better in minutes. If you have been feeling low about the way you look, chances are you could do with a stretch. Stretching doesn’t just stretch your muscles, it pushes your boundaries. It also challenges you a little bit if done properly. It can leave you feeling proud, energised and much more limber and ready for anything. Combine your stretches with deep, gentle breathing.
  10. Challenge – When your mood is good, your whole energy is good and that reflects in your face and body language. What better way to genuinely feel great about yourself than completing a challenge? It could be anything as long as it feels like a challenge to you and something you would be proud of yourself if you completed. Physical challenges could be something like doing 50 squats, completing an obstacle course, or running on the spot for the duration of a song or two. Even completing games on the Wii Fit are brilliant for boosting your mood. Mental challenges could be something like learning 10 new words of a new language then testing yourself, or overcoming a fear of something like public speaking. Do something to surprise yourself and make yourself  proud!

So there we have it! Have any mood boosting tips you would like to share? Drop them in the comments below, we would love to hear them!

Ready to start feeling great about your body? That’s what Size HH is all about, come an find out…

Size HH book cover

Size HH available now on Amazon, iTunes & Kobo

After much anticipation, blood, sweat and hard work, Size HH is now available on ebook!COVER FINAL SIZE HH copy

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the book and for all your support on the blogs and social media too.

We will be launching our online facebook community very soon for those of you who read the book and would like more one on one support and to be part of a welcoming group of women who have experienced the same struggles!

For anyone that would like to know more about the book, I would like to invite you to join us online tomorrow for live Q&A and discussions on body image via our Twitter chat at 12pm and our Facebook party at 9pm!

This is a chance to ask any questions about Size HH or the author and discuss body image, we would love to hear your opinion! We will also be giving some teasers away from the book so you can have a peak inside the cover…

To thank every guest for their online attendance we will be giving a 20% discount off the book when purchased on launch day 2nd December 2015!

Not only that, but everyone who purchases Size HH be entered into a draw to win a Nutribullet super blender! Buy two books (maybe as a gift) and you receive another entry into the draw! Three books, three entries and so on… (up to 10 entries).

I look forward to meeting you online tomorrow and sharing the Size HH project with you!

Find our Facebook Page and event group here.

If you are online 12pm (GMT) tomorrow and would like to join in with our Twitter chat, follow us @SizeHH or click here.

The book is currently available on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes and will be available shortly on the remaining major retailers.

Size HH size happy and healthy

Size HH E-Book Online Launch 2nd December 2015!

We’re are very pleased to announce, the Size HH e-book will be available from 2nd December 2015!! To mark the occasion we are holding an online launch in collaboration with Costa Women!

yellow bra size hh

We believe that it’s vital that women of all ages come together to support each other on feeling better about themselves and improving their health and body image.   That’s why we really appreciate the backing of such a great network as Costa Women to openly and honestly discuss these sensitive issues in a supportive environment.

The online launch on Wednesday December 2nd will include a day full of online activities including a Facebook event, Twitter chat and competitions!

As weight loss and body image are such hot topics at the moment, the Size HH team will also be running a story sharing competition and would like you to be involved!

Do you have (or know anyone with) a great success story of finding a healthy size you are genuinely happy with, without dieting or doing anything extreme? If so and you would like to share it to inspire other women and be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes, please email us at or comment below.

You can join us for the launch in the following ways –

RSVP on our Facebook launch event on 2nd December

Take part in our Twitter chat at 11am GMT on 2nd December using the hashtag #SizeHH to discuss the topic – How to be healthy and happy with your body

Be healthy and happy with Size HH and Costa Women! Costa-Women-

More details to follow! See you there!


Size HH

Tell Us Your Success Story of Finding Size HH!

At Size HH, we are passionate about helping women of all ages feel better about their bodies and are extremely excited to share this project with you!

size hh main image

After two years, the Size HH book is finally ready and will be launched on December 2nd to inspire busy women like us to look and feel the best they can.

When writing the book, we picked the brains of  experts and learnt from stories of amazing women who have struggled with their weight and body image but eventually succeeded in finding a healthy size they are genuinely happy with.

These stories really inspired us, but we know this is just the tip of the iceberg and so we want to hear your story too!

Our aim is to bring together inspirational and useful personal stories of people trying to find their Size Happy & Healthy so that we can all learn from and gain support from like-minded women who have or are struggling with the same issues.

To make it worth your while, we are offering a great prizes from brands including Fitbit and Nutribullet for the story that we feel is most powerful and inspiring. Even if you don’t win, you can know that you have inspired and supported hundreds of women struggling with the same issues you have accomplished, which is very important!

Share your story by posting in the comments below this post, or anywhere else you like to express yourself and then putting the link below before December 4th at 4pm GMT.

We will announce the winner on December 4th, and there are loads of other chances to win during our online launch on December 2nd, so sign up to our Facebook event for more information

We’re looking forward to reading/hearing your stories!



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Be happy & ditch the scales!

panties size hh

How often do you check your weight on the scales?

How often does the result leave you feeling less than happy?

As women, our weight fluctuates constantly from water retention and other factors, so it’s almost impossible to see an accurate reading if you weigh yourself too often (ie everyday).

 Sometimes we become so fixated on an ideal weight we would like to be, so we keep checking and waiting in judgment of the scales, until we reach that magic number. Once that number is reached, a new struggle begins to maintain that number!

 Our weight is made up from many things including water, bones, muscle, organs and body fat. Just because the scales say you have lost 2lb this week ( or put on 2lb) doesn’t necessarily mean it’s body fat. It could be water or muscle…

What about scales that measure body fat, muscle etc?

Scales that measure body composition are a much better choice for measuring health, compared to traditional scales that just measure overall weight. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that even the expensive ones are not 100% accurate and, like most things, best when used in moderation. Some people may even use these types of scales more often than the traditional types because there are more interesting results to find out! Unfortunately this just provides more opportunities to be disheartened by the result. Body composition scales are definitely more helpful than traditional scales for measuring health progress though 100%.

If you like to track your progress, we think a tape measure once per month can be a good way of doing this because it’s tailored to every inch of your unique shape, rather than a computer judging you over-all. It is also less likely you will disappointed by the result because you will become more accepting of the different parts to your figure and be less focused on trying to force your entire body down to a certain weight.

We want you to stay as positive as possible from now on and forget about reaching a certain size or weight. This will allow you to aim for premium health and vitality instead! So, do you have the courage to ditch the scales? Let us know!

Click HERE to see Natalie Guyan, one of our contributors, finally ditching her scales once and for all!



Body image Size HH

What size or shape is best for your body?

We have received a few questions about the book and what we stand for, so I decided to put all this information in a blog. I realise fat and weight loss can be a controversial subject for some people, so we want our message to be clear.SHH scales (2)

We promote body confidence and health at every size. Whatever clothing size you are, there is every reason for aiming to be as healthy as possible. Even small changes, or just one healthier change every day, helps us to feel more body confident.

However we also know that it’s not actually possible for everybody to be healthy at every size. To be very under or overweight is usually not a healthy balance for most people. Our bodies all have a natural balance of body fat, different for every woman. If we maintain a weight or body fat level above or below our natural balance, for long periods of time, we will start to notice the effects health wise.

Of course your clothing size doesn’t necessarily govern how healthy or happy you are and it’s not a reflection of who you are as a person either. You are more important than any number on the scales and still you at whatever size or weight, so let’s forget clothing sizes as a goal and focus on health instead. When optimum health is your goal, the right, natural size and weight for your shape will come as a result and you will feel better than ever.

Not everyone puts on weight through eating and not everybody who is thin has become that way through eating, yet everybody is usually judged the same.

‘She looks overweight, she must eat too much’

‘She looks too thin she must be starving herself’

The media doesn’t always help, actually publishing this information about celebrities, making us think that this is what’s important. The only thing that really matters in life is our health, our loved ones and the planet we live on. That’s what is important.

Some people feel better about themselves when they are curvier and some feel better about themselves leaner, it is just the way of the world and we have appreciate everyone is different and respect that. What we do believe in though, is learning to love and appreciate your body for what it is and can do, not just what it looks like. Yes image is something in this world unfortunately, but health and happiness is far more important!

If you genuinely feel body confident, happy and healthy you have cracked it, but if not, the book is there for people that want to feel better, quickly. Weight loss is not our main focus but happens to be a side effect for people whose eating behaviour has lead them to becoming over weight. Habits and eating behaviour can be made healthier if that’s what you want…

More to come about habit changing with tips and challenges on our future blogs!

We would love to hear what you think, comment below or email us at