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Get Fit AND Enjoy A Social Life


Fitness hasn’t always been my thing. In fact, I used to weigh over 16 stone and just Natalie Guyanthe thought of even a simple run or gym session filled me with dread. So, when I saw a recent social media post from a friend asking whether her Friday night should be spent in the pub or the gym, it didn’t surprise me that most of the comments encouraged the pub. After all, who doesn’t like to end the week on a social high? Read More

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Competition for Costa Women Members

After the success of our virtual book launch party in association with Costa Women, we are delighted to announce a competition exclusively for CW members! COVER FINAL SIZE HH copy

If you haven’t heard about Size HH yet, our mission is to help you to bring out the happiest, healthiest version of you. So, in line with that and as a gift to yourself and maybe in readiness for your New Year’s resolutions, our competition needs you to answer the rest of this sentence for a chance to win a paperback copy of the new Size HH book, giving you a head start to shaping up and feeling fabulous in 2016;

My goal for 2016 is to feel and look great because…

Maybe it could be something like ‘because I am getting married next year’ or ‘because I want to feel better when I get dressed in the morning’. Could be any reason at all as long as it’s personal to you.

Author Eva George and Director of Aurora Boot Camp, Roseanna Gorman, will be choosing the five lucky winners to receive an advance copy of Size HH (not officially launching until spring 2016).

Send your answers in to or comment below to enter!

This competition is running from 31st December – 13th January 2016, winners will be announced Thursday 14th January.

We look forward to hearing some of your thoughts and goals for 2016! Feel free to join us on Facebook too!