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social workouts

Get Fit AND Enjoy A Social Life


Fitness hasn’t always been my thing. In fact, I used to weigh over 16 stone and just Natalie Guyanthe thought of even a simple run or gym session filled me with dread. So, when I saw a recent social media post from a friend asking whether her Friday night should be spent in the pub or the gym, it didn’t surprise me that most of the comments encouraged the pub. After all, who doesn’t like to end the week on a social high? Read More

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The Making of Size HH: Part 5 ~ Happy, Healthy Mindset

I love the feeling of enthusiasm for a new venture or plan. Like the anticipation of starting a new ‘eat clean’ diet, or when you feel all motivated to join a gym, or buy a new exercises DVD. It’s a great feeling and one that we hope will last…

A week or two later you may not be seeing the results you wanted, only feeling the aches and pains from suddenly doing loads more exercise and eating clean has felt more like daylight robbery of all your favourite things. To top it all off, the joys of a busy life, tiredness and unexpected things occur to throw you off track with your goals.

So how do you make it past that first week, or even the first few months of trying to make major positive changes, without going back to old habits when life throws in a bunch of hurdles? Read More

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Women’s Health Blogs ~ Weekly Roundup

Before our official Size HH paperback launch in the UK this spring, we wanted to give our online community the most useful advice about women’s health, weight loss, body image and everything on similar topics. So, we decided to take part in the famous 30 Day Blogging Challenge, hosted by Birds On The Blog’s very own Sarah Arrow, to get loads of our information out to you in just one month! We are all about living good and feeling great, so our passion is to keep you as well informed as possible.

Here is a round up of our best blogs from last week for you to take an info fix, plus a few useful links for some healthy recipes and feel-good sites we have enjoyed in the last week…

law of attraction

Can you think yourself thin using the law of attraction?

The secret has had us all talking about the law of attraction. So, is it really possible to attract your ideal body through the power of thought? We had to investigate…

Size HH

Why is Size HH The Most Enviable size to be?

Size HH: The Most Enviable Size To Be. It’s a bold statement to make right! Find out why it’s true and how you can jump on the Happy & Healthy bandwagon too.

eating healthy

A Mini Guide To Women’s Metabolism

There are lots of myths and inaccurate information out there about metabolism. It is an important subject so we had to share the facts so that you can make the best of your own metabolism and feel better than ever.

plant milk

Milking It Part II: The Power Of Plant Milks

If you have wanted to stop using as much cow’s milk but not sure which other milks to try, this article may help you decide which ones could be right for you.

eating habits

How To Change An Eating Habit

Here you can find out why comfort eating becomes such a strong habit and how to change it with some useful advice from Mindset Trainer, Caroline Ferguson.

lose weight

Why You Should Eat Carbs If You Want To Eat Healthily Or Lose Weight

No carbs before Marbs? Find out why cutting out all carbs from your diet to lose weight is a bad idea if you actually intend on leaving the house during that time…

make meals healthier

Make Your Meals Healthier Part II

Tips to make any meal that little bit better for you and how to get the most nutrients from your meals, from preparation to cooking and serving.

Other useful links

If you want to see more tips from Mindset Trainer, Caroline Fergusons you can do so here.

Anandi Sleep Guru – Our sleep and yoga expert Anandi is a fountain of wellbeing information and well worth following if you want a better night’s sleep in this busy world.

The Glasshouse Girls – There are some very interesting chat topics on this fabulous blog site if you enjoy a thought provoking read! We love a tasty recipe too so had to share this divine Spanish chicken recipe with you from Lady Lolita.

Have any links to great articles on these topics? Feel free to share in the comments!

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How To Change An Eating Habit

One of the main things that stands in our way when we aim to eat healthier, or do more exercise, is our habits. From the things we buy, to the way we cook. Even how we eat is effected by habits. If you have become aware of an unhealthy habit you would like to change, the good news is, no matter what age you are now, you can let go of old bad habits if you want to.

Here is a snippet from the Size HH book from Mindset Trainer, Caroline Ferguson giving some valuable tips on how habits are formed and how to change them.eating habits

“During your lifetime, you develop thousands of habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Habits – good and bad – are continually being formed, strengthened and weakened. But why does it happen, and how?

You brain contains 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) which make connections with thousands of other cells. Whenever you do, think, or feel anything, electro-chemical impulses zip down a chain of interconnected neurons at up to 120 metres per second (nearly 270 miles per hour!).

When a nerve impulse travels down the same chain of neurons several times – as happens when you repeatedly think a particular thought or behave in a particular way – those neurons cement themselves together and form a ‘road’, which allows the repeated thought or action to happen more easily and become automatic. Those roads are known as neural pathways. Another word for a neural pathway is a habit.

Repetition isn’t the only dynamic at play in the creation of habits. When you mix repeated thoughts and actions with emotions, habits develop more quickly and more deeply. Whether the emotion is positive or negative, the presence of feelings like happiness, joy, anxiety and guilt sends a signal to your unconscious mind: “This is important, pay attention.”

This emotion factor is the reason why comfort eating can exert such a strong grip. When you eat a food that’s high in fat and sugar (such as sweets or biscuits), your body releases feel-good chemicals that are as powerful as heroin. If this happens when you’re feeling unhappy or stressed, the high can temporarily lift you out of that dark place.

Your unconscious mind files away this information and the next time you feel down, it sends a message to your body in the form of a craving for sugary food to lift your spirits. So you have a repeated behaviour paired with powerful feelings, which results in an emotional eating habit being formed.

The problem is that after the high comes the crash, as your body is flooded with insulin to metabolise the excess sugar. You plunge straight back down again – even lower, in fact, because now you’re throwing negative feelings like guilt and shame into the mix, due to feeling bad about your loss of control.

Why, you ask, would your mind deliberately create a habit that’s not good for you?

Unfortunately, the part of your mind that governs comfort eating isn’t rational and doesn’t make the connection between eating sugary foods and the crash that inevitably follows.

The bad news is, once a neural pathway is formed, it’s there for life (which is why you never forget how to ride a bicycle, regardless of how little time you spend on two wheels). But the good news is that you can weaken the old, not so good habits by consciously choosing to form new, beneficial habits in their place. So what was once a fully-fledged, unhealthy ‘road’ (habit) in your brain, can now become more of an overgrown dirt track that you don’t visit very often! All you have to do is make a new healthier ‘road’, or habit instead. Remember, one at a time. “

So how do you form a good habit?

Find out and discover all our mind, lifestyle and habit changing tips in the Size HH book, available in ebook or paperback versions here.