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What To Do When The New Year DOESN’T Bring A New You…

It’s that time again – ‘New year, new me’ mantras are everywhere and goals are being set with the very best year health goals

We could have written an epic post about goal setting, vision boards and tips to see the New Year in feeling fabulous, but we thought this year we would give you a reminder about something more useful. Read More

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The Making of Size HH: Part 6 ~ Self Care and You Time

There are thousands of health, fitness and lifestyle books out there, full of great ideas to make positive changes and maybe even help you lose excess weight. What I found many of them don’t do though, is show us how to actually make the time to implement the tips into your current lifestyle. Not just physical clock time, but time in your brain just for you… Read More

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Did You Say Yes When You Wanted To Say No?

Here at Size HH, we are all about finding ways to stay positive and keep our mind and body happy & healthy. Part of this is saying yes to opportunities or challenges that may be outside of your comfort zone, but would really boost your inner confidence if you ‘felt the fear and did it anyway’. Yes is a powerful word and it can bring many benefits, but if you have read the book you will know we are also all about balance. So, that leads us to the word no and sometimes we find this a lot harder than saying yes.

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