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Useful Women’s Mind & Body Health Articles

You probably know by now that our mission is to help you reach your health, confidence and fitness goals using methods that not only work, but last too. We understand how hard it is to make new changes with busy lifestyles and motivation that seems to up and leave without notice. That’s why the elements we focus on are not mainly about nutrition and exercise, but much deeper stuff.

Size Happy & Healthy (Size HH) works from your brain, to your behaviors and habits, which then has substantial results on your body. You don’t need to buy anything or do anything wacky, but you do need to put the work in. If you are sick of what you see in the mirror and want to make lasting change without dieting or checking the scales, dive into the book and blogs so you can start making the small, but powerful, changes TODAY. You will wish you had started sooner…

Here is some of our most popular recent blogs to get you started, plus some useful links of other great sites and articles we discovered recently.

Here’s Your Permission, Now What Will You Do With It?

living life need no permission

Many of us can relate to this article. it covers a few areas including that pesky anxiety that often creeps up just as things are looking interesting…


If Positive Thinking Isn’t Working For You, Read This…

positive thinking

Have you been on the positive thinking bandwagon? It’s a good one to be on I must admit, HOWEVER, it will not work 100% of the time. As the title says, if positive thinking hasn’t brought you the results you thought it would, read this…


Get Fit AND Enjoy A Social Life

social workouts

What do you do when you want to be healthier and stop drinking/eating as much junk, exercise more, that kind of thing, but your mates are totally not on the same buzz? Here’s what to do…



Why you should stop aiming for a specific weight or size…

Size HH size happy and healthy

” I will be happy when I weigh XYZ”, ” I will be more confident when I am a size……” (Fill in the blank). You know this feeling? Here is why you should forget about trying to force your body down to a specific weight, and stop aiming for that perfect dress size…


Looking For A Way To Lose Weight Faster? This May Change Your Mind…

lose weight faster

Oh yes, we all would love a quick fix right? Some of them work to lose weight on the scales but leave other side affects that could leave you feeling insecure about including sagging skin, no energy or ‘mojo’, dull complexion and brittle hair and nails. This is just a few of the visible effects, not to mention what is going on inside the body. Quick fixes = More effort in the end and a less enjoyable journey.


Other useful links;

Beyond The Bathroom Scale ~ The lovely Karen from BTBS was kind enough to feature my guest post and left a fab book review back when we launched Size HH because she shares much in common with the Size HH ethos. There is a tonne of things to dig around in on her site, check it out!

Fancy making your own healthy chocolate? Remember practice makes perfect… Imagine being the only one in your town who can make this delicious, creamy, HEALTHY chocolate…Could be onto something right?

Breathe Better, Sleep Better ~ Are you having trouble sleeping? This book, by our very own Sleep Guru Anandi, is a must read! Featured in Cosmopolitan and others.

Free 7 day Size Happy & Healthy course ~ What can you achieve in the next 7 days? You may surprise yourself, in fact I think you will… Sign up today and start tomorrow.


positive thinking

If Positive Thinking Isn’t Working For You, Read This…

Have you ever felt really low and it seems like everyone around you is happy, except you? Have people told you to think positive, or not to worry, just look on the bright side etc, but you just can’t snap out of it? You are not alone…

I am a big believer in seeking the positive side of things. I also believe you can attract amazing things into your life by thinking more positively…

However, there are times when I hear someone being told to ‘think positive’ and it makes me cringe a little inside. Read More

how to say no

Did You Say Yes When You Wanted To Say No?

Here at Size HH, we are all about finding ways to stay positive and keep our mind and body happy & healthy. Part of this is saying yes to opportunities or challenges that may be outside of your comfort zone, but would really boost your inner confidence if you ‘felt the fear and did it anyway’. Yes is a powerful word and it can bring many benefits, but if you have read the book you will know we are also all about balance. So, that leads us to the word no and sometimes we find this a lot harder than saying yes.

Read More

Size HH design

Size HH Reader Reviews and Comments

Wow we are really feeling the love in the Size HH office this afternoon, thank you all so much for your support for the project and for all your fabulous comments and reviews on the book so far! I will try not to be mushy but you are amazing and I am in awe of hearing about how you have been implementing parts of it into your own life.

Read More

Do Detox Pills and Products Work For Weight Loss?

‘Fast Fat Flush’ and ‘detox yourself thin’, just a few ads I’ve seen for some products that look pretty convincing if you are looking to lose weight. Plenty of celebrities have jumped on the detox bandwagon so it must be good right?

Marketers have done a brilliant job of jamming it into our minds that we can drink a certain tea, or take a few tablets in order to detoxify yourself and shed pounds easily. So is it really that simple? Is detoxing the way forward for healthy weight loss?

Read More

women's health

Women’s Health Blogs ~ Weekly Roundup

Before our official Size HH paperback launch in the UK this spring, we wanted to give our online community the most useful advice about women’s health, weight loss, body image and everything on similar topics. So, we decided to take part in the famous 30 Day Blogging Challenge, hosted by Birds On The Blog’s very own Sarah Arrow, to get loads of our information out to you in just one month! We are all about living good and feeling great, so our passion is to keep you as well informed as possible.

Here is a round up of our best blogs from last week for you to take an info fix, plus a few useful links for some healthy recipes and feel-good sites we have enjoyed in the last week…

law of attraction

Can you think yourself thin using the law of attraction?

The secret has had us all talking about the law of attraction. So, is it really possible to attract your ideal body through the power of thought? We had to investigate…

Size HH

Why is Size HH The Most Enviable size to be?

Size HH: The Most Enviable Size To Be. It’s a bold statement to make right! Find out why it’s true and how you can jump on the Happy & Healthy bandwagon too.

eating healthy

A Mini Guide To Women’s Metabolism

There are lots of myths and inaccurate information out there about metabolism. It is an important subject so we had to share the facts so that you can make the best of your own metabolism and feel better than ever.

plant milk

Milking It Part II: The Power Of Plant Milks

If you have wanted to stop using as much cow’s milk but not sure which other milks to try, this article may help you decide which ones could be right for you.

eating habits

How To Change An Eating Habit

Here you can find out why comfort eating becomes such a strong habit and how to change it with some useful advice from Mindset Trainer, Caroline Ferguson.

lose weight

Why You Should Eat Carbs If You Want To Eat Healthily Or Lose Weight

No carbs before Marbs? Find out why cutting out all carbs from your diet to lose weight is a bad idea if you actually intend on leaving the house during that time…

make meals healthier

Make Your Meals Healthier Part II

Tips to make any meal that little bit better for you and how to get the most nutrients from your meals, from preparation to cooking and serving.

Other useful links

If you want to see more tips from Mindset Trainer, Caroline Fergusons you can do so here.

Anandi Sleep Guru – Our sleep and yoga expert Anandi is a fountain of wellbeing information and well worth following if you want a better night’s sleep in this busy world.

The Glasshouse Girls – There are some very interesting chat topics on this fabulous blog site if you enjoy a thought provoking read! We love a tasty recipe too so had to share this divine Spanish chicken recipe with you from Lady Lolita.

Have any links to great articles on these topics? Feel free to share in the comments!

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Size HH book cover

Competition for Costa Women Members

After the success of our virtual book launch party in association with Costa Women, we are delighted to announce a competition exclusively for CW members! COVER FINAL SIZE HH copy

If you haven’t heard about Size HH yet, our mission is to help you to bring out the happiest, healthiest version of you. So, in line with that and as a gift to yourself and maybe in readiness for your New Year’s resolutions, our competition needs you to answer the rest of this sentence for a chance to win a paperback copy of the new Size HH book, giving you a head start to shaping up and feeling fabulous in 2016;

My goal for 2016 is to feel and look great because…

Maybe it could be something like ‘because I am getting married next year’ or ‘because I want to feel better when I get dressed in the morning’. Could be any reason at all as long as it’s personal to you.

Author Eva George and Director of Aurora Boot Camp, Roseanna Gorman, will be choosing the five lucky winners to receive an advance copy of Size HH (not officially launching until spring 2016).

Send your answers in to or comment below to enter!

This competition is running from 31st December – 13th January 2016, winners will be announced Thursday 14th January.

We look forward to hearing some of your thoughts and goals for 2016! Feel free to join us on Facebook too!