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10 Things To Help You Look and Feel Better In Minutes!


Soon as we don’t live life in a movie, it’s normal to have days where we feel more frumpy than fabulous. The way we feel about our body can impact our entire day, even our love life and work life, so we want to help you to feel as good as possible, as quickly as possible – because the world is a better place when women are happy!

Here are our top tips to help you feel and look better in mere minutes! look better Size HH


  1. Posture – Have you ever adjusted your posture in front of a full length mirror and seen what a difference it makes? If not, try it! Stand up straight, stomach in, shoulders back and chin up. Take a look at the postures of people you look up to and mimic them for an instant confidence boost.
  2. Affirmations/Think positive – If you frequently tell yourself and others you can’t do things, you are not good at something, or you will never be able to do that, try practicing some positive affirmations to say the opposite. Honestly, don’t underestimate the power of doing this. When you have repetitive negative thoughts about yourself or your body, does it leave you feeling low? Yes! So it can work both ways. Positive thoughts, leave you feeling good!
  3. Meditation – This doesn’t have to be a full blown meditation sesh, but if you are feeling a bit yukky, take 5 minutes at least to just breathe and compose yourself. Clear your mind by only focusing on breathing calmly in and out, gaining some inner emotional strength.
  4. Deep breaths – Deep breaths not only make you feel better, you are also giving oxygen to every party of your body, including the skin. If you want to give your face a perk up, take some deep breaths and relax… A tense expression puts years on anyone’s age!
  5. Smiling – They say there is no prettier woman than a happy woman. A smile radiates happiness and makes you feel better too. We can ALL find something to smile about.
  6. Being thankful – Feeling grateful is a tremendously good feeling, so if you want a reason to smile, think of something you are truly thankful for. Is it your family, friends, children, pets, house, anything that makes you feel genuinely thankful will make you smile inside. It’s those kind of emotions that makes your eyes sparkle and smile too!
  7. Visualising – Having visions of yourself feeling great, looking great and being confident is a huge step in making it happen. Imagining the opposite won’t do anything other than make you feel bad…So visualise good! Shove any doubts to one side and only visualise the best version of yourself.
  8. Cosmetics – We are lucky that some intelligent people have put together some fabulous products to enhance our features. Even the right moisturiser can make the world of difference to our appearance and that’s without mentioning any kind of makeup or fake tan! Cosmetics, hair styling and wardrobe can be instant mood boosters so let’s not be afraid to use them to our advantage! No need to doll yourself right up (unless you want to obviously) even the smallest effort can make you feel better instantly.
  9. Stretching – Yes stretching can help you feel and even look better in minutes. If you have been feeling low about the way you look, chances are you could do with a stretch. Stretching doesn’t just stretch your muscles, it pushes your boundaries. It also challenges you a little bit if done properly. It can leave you feeling proud, energised and much more limber and ready for anything. Combine your stretches with deep, gentle breathing.
  10. Challenge – When your mood is good, your whole energy is good and that reflects in your face and body language. What better way to genuinely feel great about yourself than completing a challenge? It could be anything as long as it feels like a challenge to you and something you would be proud of yourself if you completed. Physical challenges could be something like doing 50 squats, completing an obstacle course, or running on the spot for the duration of a song or two. Even completing games on the Wii Fit are brilliant for boosting your mood. Mental challenges could be something like learning 10 new words of a new language then testing yourself, or overcoming a fear of something like public speaking. Do something to surprise yourself and make yourself  proud!

So there we have it! Have any mood boosting tips you would like to share? Drop them in the comments below, we would love to hear them!

Ready to start feeling great about your body? That’s what Size HH is all about, come an find out…

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