Size Happy & Healthy



Meet the ladies behind Size HH! Here you can find out more about Eva, Natalie, Caroline, Jacqui, Jane, Anandi and Mercedes who brought this project together.

profile-picDale Darley

I met Eva when she was editing her book SizeHH. Eva was an absolute joy to work with. She knew from the outset of our collaboration what she wanted her book to achieve and why. Unlike many clients she had already written most of her book so that the ideas were there, we just needed to give it some structure and flow.Eva was also the perfect client; she was open, focused and determined. She did what she said she would do. We developed a friendship and discovered many similarities in our lives. Despite the age gap, we had both had some mindset stuff. We howled with laughter at the crazy stuff that we did.She is a shining example of someone who walks her talk and I am honoured to have worked with her.

profile-picNatalie Guyan

As soon as I heard about Eva’s project, it lit a spark inside of me! It was a message I’d be searching for, a message so many of us need to hear! Our weight doesn’t define us it’s not “who we are”. Once we know the tools to change our mindset, we can see our true potential. Size HH is the perfect guide to breaking free from the weight loss pitfalls and discovering how amazing you really are!

profile-picCaroline Ferguson

When Eva invited me to contribute to Size HH I was delighted. Encouraging us to love and care for our bodies, which I call our “home for life” is vitally important work. The toxic pressure placed on women (and increasingly, men) to conform to standard notions of attractiveness is so all-pervasive, and begins so early, that very few women are able to escape the feeling of “my body isn’t good enough”. And it doesn’t end there because low self worth in one area leaks into every other part of our lives. That’s why Eva’s work is so important. By encouraging us to love and care for our bodies, she’s encouraging us to accept and support ourselves fully – and embrace all of our glorious diversity, talents, and potential.

profile-picAnandi Francis

When Eva approached me about contributing to Size HH’s Sleep section of the book, I was happy to be involved. Before i started helping people professionally with their troubles sleeping, i suffered from insomnia myself, so i know the great toll it takes on the mind and body. It was great to see a book that looks into the real root causes of body image and aims to fixes those rather than the traditional diet methods.

profile-picJane Travis

I’m a counsellor/psychotherapist that works with (mainly) women to explore issues around food, weight and body image. So many women are trapped in unhealthy patterns of eating, and diets simply aren’t the answer, so as an advocate of intuitive eating, I was very happy to be involved with Size HH.Here’s to empowering women to find freedom from guilt around food, drop the diet and love the body they’re in!

profile-picMercedes Lopez Charro

I just loved Eva’s energy and we clicked instantly! it was such a great project to be part of and the illustrations came easily when Eva and I got together and collaborated.

Size HH Eva George

Eva George

Author of Size HH

When you know something works, it’s only natural to want to share it with others. That’s what happened to me with Size Happy & Healthy.

I had ‘accidently’ discovered that it’s actually the energy of the mindset that creates the actions and results you want, not crazy diets or constant workouts. I knew the book would include crucial tips about food and body movement but before all of that comes the inner work that creates the shift to make you actually WANT to start eating and moving better. 

The book helps you see for yourself what may be holding you back from having a Happy & Healthy body and mind, so you can use it to take small habitual steps that lead to big results. It works because it’s not shallow, it works deeply, from the inside out for long lasting results.

Feel free to reach out to myself or any of the ladies featured in the book, we are all here to support you along the way!