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Make Your Favourite Meals Healthier!

Want to make your favourite meals better for you? There is lots of information out there already about adapting meals to make them healthier, so I’m not going to go into detail about it here, but

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Should You Go Organic For A Healthier Lifestyle?

Ever since organic food hit our supermarket shelves, there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not is it actually better for you. Shops always charge more for organic produce, so we would like

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Be happy & ditch the scales!

How often do you check your weight on the scales? How often does the result leave you feeling less than happy? As women, our weight fluctuates constantly from water retention and other factors, so it’s

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What size or shape is best for your body?

We have received a few questions about the book and what we stand for, so I decided to put all this information in a blog. I realise fat and weight loss can be a controversial subject for some people,

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Looking for healthier ways to enjoy chocolate? This one is for you…

Ahh chocolate. So bad, yet so good. It’s my biggest weakness and something my brain knows will provide pure, unadulterated, deliciousness at any time of ‘need’. As a mum of two young

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Welcome to Size HH’s first ever blog!

We will use this space to bring you delicious recipes, exciting news, useful tips and positive stories. Weight loss and diets are huge subjects for many of us girls/women of all ages. The way we feel

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Eva George – Author

Eva grew up on the East Coast of England. She found her love of writing as a child but never had the confidence to pursue it as a career until her twenties. Instead,she worked in a varied range of jobs

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Jacqui Malpass – Editor

Jacqui Malpass – Editor Our wonderfully eccentric Editor and Contributor, Jacqui Malpass, has been writing (and inspiring other people to write) for many years. As an author of 6 books and cowriter

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Mindset Trainer, Caroline Ferguson

When we were searching for the right expert to contribute to our mind and lifestyle section, we were absolutely blessed to be introduced to Caroline Ferguson. After 20+ years working as a business communications

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Natalie Guyan – Contributor

One of our real life case studies, Natalie is a mother of two girls and has an inspiring story we wanted to share with you. Natalie finally found Size Happy and Healthy after years of denial, dieting

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Sleep Guru ~ Anandi Francis

Anandi is our very own sleep guru as featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire and OK magazine to name a few! Anandi shows us why sleep is crucial to becoming Size HH and how

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Illustrator ~ Mercedes Lopez Charro

Relatively new to the illustration world, Mercedes has already made an amazing impact with her work starting as a fashion illustrator for some excellent commissions. The diversity and beauty of Mercedes’

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