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How often do you check your weight on the scales?

How often does the result leave you feeling less than happy?

As women, our weight fluctuates constantly from water retention and other factors, so it’s almost impossible to see an accurate reading if you weigh yourself too often (ie everyday).

 Sometimes we become so fixated on an ideal weight we would like to be, so we keep checking and waiting in judgment of the scales, until we reach that magic number. Once that number is reached, a new struggle begins to maintain that number!

 Our weight is made up from many things including water, bones, muscle, organs and body fat. Just because the scales say you have lost 2lb this week ( or put on 2lb) doesn’t necessarily mean it’s body fat. It could be water or muscle…

What about scales that measure body fat, muscle etc?

Scales that measure body composition are a much better choice for measuring health, compared to traditional scales that just measure overall weight. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that even the expensive ones are not 100% accurate and, like most things, best when used in moderation. Some people may even use these types of scales more often than the traditional types because there are more interesting results to find out! Unfortunately this just provides more opportunities to be disheartened by the result. Body composition scales are definitely more helpful than traditional scales for measuring health progress though 100%.

If you like to track your progress, we think a tape measure once per month can be a good way of doing this because it’s tailored to every inch of your unique shape, rather than a computer judging you over-all. It is also less likely you will disappointed by the result because you will become more accepting of the different parts to your figure and be less focused on trying to force your entire body down to a certain weight.

We want you to stay as positive as possible from now on and forget about reaching a certain size or weight. This will allow you to aim for premium health and vitality instead! So, do you have the courage to ditch the scales? Let us know!

Click HERE to see Natalie Guyan, one of our contributors, finally ditching her scales once and for all!



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