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Looking for healthier ways to enjoy chocolate? This one is for you…


Ahh chocolate. So bad, yet so good. It’s my biggest weakness and something my brain knows will provide pure, unadulterated, milk chocolatedeliciousness at any time of ‘need’. As a mum of two young toddlers, chocolate is my little luxury and something to treat myself to after a long day.

We all know sugary treats are not healthy, but everything in moderation right?  To save myself from the effects of  my regular love affair with this man made luxury, I set about trying to find some healthier ways to eat it (possibly so I could enjoy it more regularly without the feelings of guilt afterwards).

You may have heard that dark chocolate can be good for you but find it tastes bitter compared to your favourite milk chocolates. If you don’t fancy yourself as a dark chocolate connoisseur, don’t lose hope just yet. There are dark chocolates out there that don’t make you feel as if you’re being punished to eat them, you just have to find the ones for you! Check out A Beginners guide to Dark Chocolate by Nadia Williams for ideas and some guilt free ways to enjoy it too.

In fact, now scientists claim to have created a chocolate so healthy it could be taken as medicine and it doesn’t taste bitter! Better still, this dark chocolate is said to be just 35% fat with a rich dose of antioxidants and minerals.

Gregory Aharonian of Kuka Xoco, which is developing the chocolate, said: ‘Using micrograms of coca plant extract, we can de-bitter unsweetened cacao.

‘This eliminates the need for sugar, sweeteners and much of the fat in chocolate, unleashing the medical benefits of cacao.’ Read more here.

As well as solid chocolate, what other healthy options do we have when we need something to settle the craving? Apart from distraction (which genuinely works), try these healthy choccy additions to add to your menu.

  • Chocolate with zero calories – cocoa infused tea or chocolate teas are amazing. Don’t expect them to be like thick milky hot chocolate but, they smell good, taste good, have nutritional benefits, and contribute to our water intake. Winner!
  • Cacao powder or nibs (Raw, organic if possible) – Thought to be the highest source of antioxidants of all foods, cacao is chocolate in its purest form. It does have more of a bitter taste but contains all the benefits of dark chocolate without the added fat and sugar. It is also a source of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. Instead of reaching for conventional choccy bars, try adding raw cocoa powder to porridge and smoothies, sprinkling over fruit salads, or as a base for yummy chocolate sauces.
  • Cocoa powder (unsweetened) – Slightly less nutrition-packed than cacao powder as it is processed at higher temperatures, but if you can find some without added sugar, oils or fats, you can enjoy your chocolate hit, minus the guilt. Both Cocoa and cacao powder can be used as a healthier alternative in cooking and baking, there are loads of recipes floating around online.
  • Healthier chocolate desserts like this easy to make raw chocolate and chia pudding from our Editor, Jacqui Malpass, or this scrummy Naked Chocolate Cake by The Healthy Chef!
  • Love chocolate ice cream? Try this luxurious dairy free, gluten and soy free chocolate ice cream from Booja Booja as a delicious alternative.

Feel free to share your own healthier chocolate recipes with us at, we would love to see and share them!

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