Size Happy & Healthy

Eva George – Author


Eva grew up on the East Coast of England. She found her love of writing as a child but never had the confidence to pursue it as a career until her twenties. Instead,she worked in a varied range of jobs including cleaner, care work, make-up artist/beauty therapist, promotions and marketing. During that time, Eva appeared in the media in some of the UK’s leading publications including The News of the World’s Fabulous Magazine, The Sun newspaper, and Lorraine Kelly’s TV show talking about self-image in young girls and how she was planning to have cosmetic surgery and botox at a young age because she hated her body.

After appearing on Lorraine’s show, Eva didn’t go through with the botox or surgery but took off traveling instead. It gave her time to mature a little, reflect and the courage to go for what she truly loved – writing.

Eva landed her dream job working with some media agencies in Marbella and writing for some well-known brands and publications. Even though she specialised in health/beauty writing, ghosts from the past about these subjects still haunted her…It wasn’t until after the birth of her first child that Eva realised she had discovered Size HH and felt compelled to start writing as a way to help other women who might feel the same.

Two children later, the book is finally complete and Eva would like to let you in on a few need to know secrets so that you can discover Size Happy & Healthy too.

Find out more in the book!

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