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Fitness hasn’t always been my thing. In fact, I used to weigh over 16 stone and just Natalie Guyanthe thought of even a simple run or gym session filled me with dread. So, when I saw a recent social media post from a friend asking whether her Friday night should be spent in the pub or the gym, it didn’t surprise me that most of the comments encouraged the pub. After all, who doesn’t like to end the week on a social high?

I have faced the same decision myself many times! In fact, when anyone decides to make a health and fitness transformation, it can feel lonely and discouraging at the beginning if all your regular friends are at the pub, whilst you are pumping sweat at the gym. That feeling doesn’t last half as long as their hangovers do though, that’s for sure!

So, how did I go from being overweight and hating exercise, to choosing training over nights out? Whilst I’m not completely tea-total now, I’m currently training for a few fitness events so Saturday & Sunday mornings are early starts to meet up 18159744_10155258133753792_659527402_o (2)with the Crossfit Marbella Crewe and train for the upcoming Tribal Clash event in Portugal. Instead of nursing a hangover, having an event like this to aim for gives me good reason to keep myself away from alcohol and too many late nights, that’s always been a good motivator for me.

Training solo can be so uninspiring! Having the opportunity to sign up for a team event with great people is an awesome way for me to work on my weaknesses and be inspired by those at higher levels than myself, all whilst having fun and being social! I’ve not been doing Crossfit as long as the rest of the team, but everyone is so supportive where ever you are on your personal journey, that’s the beauty of being with like-minded people.

Last weekend the weather was great, so we all headed to the beach, kids, partners and picnics in tow for a Sunday morning session! We got to the beach early enough without the weather being too warm to practice running in the sand, synchronising movements and most importantly catching up on the week’s events, before relaxing in the sunshine…

Getting involved with a social circle who are working towards the same goals gives extra motivation and if you take your kids along, they can be inspired too!

Being fit and active doesn’t have to be gruelling, it should be fun and leave you feeling naturally high from a decent rush of endorphins! From my experience it has to be, otherwise you won’t keep it up for long and will likely stick to old habits.


Mindset is everything and it is your conscious mind that feeds your unconscious mind, i.e. your habits. So consciously make an effort to think health, strength and vitality about yourself, even if that is not how you feel right now. Give yourself a helping hand by eating the foods that will enhance your mindset, not disrupt it. For example, even just one day of eating too much sugar and not enough nutrition can leave you feeling seriously off key, lethargic and moody. Not many people care about healthy choices in that state of mind.

So that is how I have managed to reach various personal fitness goals and still enjoy a great social life! Yes I have to body transformationtrain physically, but while I’m genuinely having fun (who would have thought it!), what’s not to love!? And yes, I have to eat and sleep well to feel my very best, but none of these choices are a struggle while you are doing it with the right mindset. I don’t feel like I am giving up my Friday nights, I feel like I am gaining extra fun and feel-goodness into my life AND I can still enjoy a cocktail if I want to! Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself! if I can do it, you can too…

See here to learn more about enhancing your mindset so you can feel your best and reach your fitness goals once and for all. Why not follow Natalie’s journey for inspiration @becomingshera or read the full story.

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