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Author Eva George Talks About Judging First Impressions With The Glass House Girls



Well I didn’t expect that! Recently, my good friend and PR manager, Georgina Shaw, presented me with the opportunity to write for online magazine called The Glass House Girls. It sounded great so I clicked on to their website and was surprised by what I saw…

Pages and pages of honest, humorous and controversial subjects we don’t usually find in normal women’s magazines but secretly wish we did! Their moto is ‘You think it, we say it’ and these ladies certainly live up to their word! There is something there for everyone; from delicious healthy recipes, to stuff you may even have trouble discussing with your closest friends, all exclusively written for the magazine so you won’t find these articles anywhere else.

The majority of articles have been written by the three main Glass House Girls, The Duchess, Miss Pollyanna and Lady Lolita, with various guest writers sharing their views too. I knew I had to take the opportunity to write something for them, so I got to work on a subject I know only too well – judging on first impressions and comparing ourselves to others. It’s something I did for years and it only left me feeling bad inside.

Social media has made it even easier to make judgements on people we don’t know or don’t see much anymore. We see their photos, we make a few quick judgements and if we are not careful, we start comparing our own lives to theirs.

People have learnt the tricks to appear slimmer/curvier/more attractive in photographs and the use of filters and face perfecting apps is considered the norm for young people of Instagram. If you have found yourself judging and comparing yourself to magazine or social media images, you are potentially making yourself feel bad from something that is not entirely real in the first place.

As we are busy judging others, there will be people doing the same to us. No matter what you do there will always be people who will judge you wrongly at some point, so you might as well concentrate on being true to yourself without feeling the need to prove yourself.

“Even the nicest people in the world will have someone think negatively about them so we certainly can’t please everyone. As long as you are feeling good that’s really all that matters and the right people will be attracted to you because of that. If we let other people’s opinions, or let our own false judgement of others control our thoughts and emotions, it can wreck entire relationships.”

Read the full article I wrote for them, ‘Thy Shalt Not Judge Or Compare Myself To Others’ ,here. judging first impressions

Have you ever judged someone wrong on first impressions and regretted it later, or has someone ever made bad judgement of you and it’s really got on your nerves? We want to hear from you in the comments below, feel free to rant!

P.s Not only is The Glass House Girls magazine a very interesting read, (and updated regularly) it’s also home to a fab book club for those of you who like discovering more great reads and reading honest reviews.

Look forward to hearing your experiences on this!

Eva x

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