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Size Happy & Healthy Success Story Competition winner


When we launched our competition last year to find women willing to share their story about finding contentment with their bodies, we were full of excitement to hear from lots of girls and women who had found it. So after the first few tumble weeds blew around our competition email box, we knew we had to reach out and find out what was going on…

What we discovered was that many of us find it a lot easier to talk about things we don’t like about our bodies, rather than the things we do and that there should definitely be more success stories from women who genuinely feel comfortable and confident in their own body!

Of course this is the very reason Eva George started the Size HH project and wrote the book, to help other women find a healthy size they are genuinely happy with.

NutribulletThe prize for our story sharing competition was a health provoking Nutribullet super blender to see our winner off to a great start this year! Our well-deserved winner was Carlie Bateman, who shared her story about a rollercoaster ride with weight; from being overweight and unhappy, to falling ill and becoming underweight and unhappy. Carlie managed to find her natural balance and a great mind-set that enabled her to put her health before anything and appreciate the fantastic body that she has, which ultimately led her to having a figure she has never been happier with.size happy & healthy

Carlie and family have been enjoying making delicious and nutritious smoothies this week! ” My two young boys love it as well, it’s a great way for us all to easily eat more good stuff without any fuss, thanks Size HH!”

We have plenty more competitions and things you can join in with this year, so if you haven’t already, sign up below so you never miss a thing! Don’t worry, we don’t spam and would never share details with anyone.

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