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jacqui malpass editor

Jacqui Malpass – Editor

Our wonderfully eccentric Editor and Contributor, Jacqui Malpass, has been writing (and inspiring other people to write) for many years.

As an author of 6 books and cowriter for many others, Jacqui has had plenty of life experience to share as well as education. These days she spends her time as a book writing coach, personal brand strategist and mentor for over 16,000 students and clients across the world. Jacqui’s interests and knowledge in food and wellbeing made her a great choice to be our Editor.

Like most of us she has struggled with different body images along her journey but has found a healthy size she is happy with and would like to share some of her tips with you. *Tip – check out her delicious raw chocolate dessert recipe on our blog! * (coming soon) Jacqui is also open minded to the holistic world and has previously trained as a crystal healer, Reiki practitioner, NLP practitioner. Find out more about Jacqui here – www.jacquimalpass.com

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