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Can Natalie muscle her way out of this one?


Happy New Year Everyone, what an awesome Christmas! I have to confess I had a second helping of turkey and drank far more prosecco than I planned, but it sure was a merry time! To be honest, being away in Thailand this Christmas lead to me over indulging in a little more of everything and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

At this point I bet you’ll be expecting me to say how I’ve also gained weight and my cloths are tighter, but they’re not! So how does that work? How did I go away on a 3 week holiday, eat all the delicious Thai food I want, indulge in Christmas goodies and come out lighter on the other side? No I wasn’t ill and not once did I have “deli belly”!

Let me share a secret with you….

Well it’s not a secret is it? You already know your weight is made up of more than just fat. The weight of a fully grown adult is a mix of muscle, water and fat… All three we need, though unless you use highly specialised scales or body fat callipers, it’s quite hard to determine if the results on your scales are actually benefitting you which is why I recommend you give your scales this treatment.


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Natalie Guyan muscleThe truth is, I lost muscle mass… I really need the use of a tearful emoji here as I’m not pleased about that! Muscle helps to increase my metabolic rate, meaning I can eat more, look more defined and it makes me stronger. This year I want to pull more than last years 120kg deadlift, so strength and muscle are high priorities!

Anyway, that crash diet you may be thinking about (or embarking on), you know the one that says it will help you speed up your “weight loss”, is very likely to steal your muscle too! Sure it could help with a reduction in excess water and a little fat but it will attack your muscles first… Less muscle = slower metabolism and less requirement for food. This is also the result of yo-yo dieting!

By simply focusing on the foods I need to give me health, strength and energy, rather than thinking about what I shouldn’t eat  makes it much easier to get back on track and stay there. I still enjoy treats but I give my body what it needs first and foremost. After that, I find I don’t even crave the treats very much and I feel fuller for longer.
Consistency is key, if you leave a tap running the bath will overflow. Pull the plug and you’ll drain the water away. Small changes that become habits will help to sustain the right balance (my changes didn’t happen over night if you’ve read the book you’ll know the hard lessons I’ve learned).

So if like the masses you’re about to embark on the latest fad diet, detox or cleanse. Think about what your body really needs, fuel it, give it enough water, eat a variety of colours and plenty of  greens, eat varied and balanced meals, cut back on alcohol and processed snacks. Instead of starving yourself, aim to become healthier by making your meals and snacks more nutritious. Small changes over time, lead to longer lasting results…

Trust me, if I can do it, you can too!

Natalie x

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