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What To Do When The New Year DOESN’T Bring A New You…


It’s that time again – ‘New year, new me’ mantras are everywhere and goals are being set with the very best year health goals

We could have written an epic post about goal setting, vision boards and tips to see the New Year in feeling fabulous, but we thought this year we would give you a reminder about something more useful.

Of course we all need goals, something to aim for gives us some warm fuzzy motivation. Be honest though, do you set goals every year? How does it work for you? Do you achieve them all or feel like a failure for not reaching some or any of them?

That’s the thing, it’s all good setting goals and knowing what you want from the year ahead, but what happens next? You have the dream and a dose of motivation to go with it (for the moment), but then what?

Just because you have set a goal, doesn’t mean you are automatically in line to achieve it. If the goal was hard in 2016, it will still be hard in 2017. If you are waiting for a miraculous mindset change just because of the date, or because you have made goals and vision boards, don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work out as simple as that.

What is the one thing missing from many people’s goals and dreams? The plan…

As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish’

reaching goals

We can write down as many wishes as we like, but it doesn’t mean any of them will come true, even if we keep focusing on them with every ounce of strength. A plan to reach our goals and visions is what we often don’t spend enough time on.

Spending just 5 minutes per day working on your plan is wayyyy more effective than spending 60 minutes thinking about your goals and just imagining them happening.

With the law of attraction becoming more familiar in our minds, many of us think the goal is all you need, just keep focusing on that and being grateful as if you have already received then hey presto, it all comes together like magic. Except, the law of attraction works with your vibe. If you don’t genuinely feel as if you are moving towards your goal in some way, you won’t truly believe you will reach it and if you don’t truly believe, then your vibe won’t be in line with your goal.

Making small steps towards your goals each day using a plan, will keep you focused and more motivated. You will really start to feel and believe your goal is going to be reached. That my friend is the key to making things happen and the way to make 2017 your year.

After you have decided what you really want from this brand new year, keep these things in mind to make it happen;

  • Invest in yourself – anyone who is successful in any aspect of life will invest in themselves in some or all of these ways; self care, learning more, sleep, eating right and regular exercise
  • Keep your goal in mind for motivation, but keep your plan in mind if you want it to materialise
  • Become in line with your goal by taking small steps towards it every day, using your plan for guidance
  • Seek rewards before the goal is reached – there is pleasure to be found on every step of the journey if you are open to it. The goal may be the destination but the journey there is what helps us grow, learn and feel better within ourselves, so enjoy it!
  • Invest in a planner and don’t be afraid to set yourself time limits. Time passes quickly with everyday life often throwing obstacles in the way, if we have timescales attached to each step, it really helps us to stay on track to hit goals when WE want to. You are the master of your life so you can adjust the timescales if you need to, but that’s your business no one else’s.New year new me goals


One of our main goals this year is to help even more women find their own personal Size Happy & Healthy, what’s yours?

Thank you for all the support in 2016, you were awesome!

Wishing you all a fabulous year ahead!

Eva & All the Team at Size HH

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