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Should You Go Organic For A Healthier Lifestyle?


Ever since organic food hit our supermarket shelves, there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not is it actually better for you. Shops always charge more for organic produce, so we would like to think it holds more benefits right? Many of us have been advised, or read things that urge us to ‘go organic’ if we want to be healthy. So what is really true?


Well it’s true that organic fruit and veg is usually produced in ways that’s kinder to the environment. It’s also true that organic fruit and veg will contain very little pesticides and insecticides compared to standard super market veg (although the traces found in standard fruit and veg is still well below the EU regulatory limit.) These can be two huge plus points for some people.

What is not true is that organic products guarantee more nutritional benefits. They don’t necessarily…

As long as your fruit and veggies are fresh, washed well, and not cooked to death, (wherever they came from), you will benefit from eating them. Organic farmers sometimes use pesticides too, though these would also have to be organic and be used as little as possible.

The point is, if organic is not readily available to you, or you couldn’t give two hoots about it, there is no real drama! Organic or not, it’s actually managing to eat the fruit and veg that counts! This is what so many of us struggle to keep up with every single day.

I am a big believer in buying what I can from local markets for my fruit, veg and fish. Not only does it work out better value for money, but that money goes back into the local community and it has a chance of being organic anyway! Many farmers produce organic fruit and veg, but don’t go through the process of becoming certified.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, or fruit and vegetables make up the main bulk of your diet, you may want to discover more about the benefits of organic and be more conscious about the quality of fruit and veg you buy and where you buy it from. The same goes if you tend to suffer with allergies, it may be wiser to go organic whenever possible.

Which delicious fruit and veg will you be having today?

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