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The Making of Size HH: Part 1 – Finding an Editor


Blimey, time really does fly when you’re having fun! It’s crazy to think the idea of Size HH book began nearly four years ago. What started off as a load of notes and articles, soon turned into the basis of a book with a strong message to deliver.

Right from the start, I wanted a great team of women to help make the book the best it could be and the first person I needed was an editor.

After literally months of searching for the right one, I put up a status on social media for recommendations and was introduced to Jacqui Malpass by a fellow author. After checking out Jacqui’s website, I breathed a sigh of relief as I knew I had finally found the right person.

Jacqui Malpass

Books are such personal projects, it’s your words and your message, so finding the right editor is absolutely crucial. It is a sensitive process, so they have to want the same outcome for the book as you do, for it to really work. Jacqui also went through her own issues with body image and eating disorders in the past, so it was a perfect match, she understood.

Quickly, the book began to take its final stages and we worked tirelessly, day and night, to have it finished and double checked by deadline day. Jacqui not only edited the book but also contributed some of her own knowledge and experiences, which was fantastic to have someone so engaged and supportive to work with. She used to leave me little notes asking me to expand on things or make suggestions which really helped to bring the book to what it is.

I had to keep reminding myself of the books messages throughout the publishing process too, just to keep myself sane. Things like prioritise sleep and behind the scenestime to relax, or how not to pig out on entire packs of chocolate digestives while working at the computer. So actually the book itself was a blessing while I was going through the tolls of self-publishing with two toddlers running around. Jacqui made the whole situation 10 times easier with her guidance, having done it before with many clients.

Deciding to self-publish, rather than try for a traditional publishing deal, just felt right as I wanted to keep full control over the project and not hand it over to lose forever for the sake of cheque. I also wanted to work closely with a charity that helps young women with body image and weight problems, eating disorders etc. We have since teamed up with national charity BODY but will tell you about that soon!

Anyway back to Jacqui, a core part of the Size HH project and a mum to 3 lovely doggies, we recently caught up with her to see what she had been up to since the book launch and what her plans are for this year.

Residing in sunny Spain, Jacqui tells us she has been working on some exciting new personal projects, client coaching and running her various blogs, not to mention recently publishing her 7th book and getting ready to fly back to the UK to complete studies to qualify as a naturopathic nutritionist! She balances all this out with gentle walks with the dogs, yoga, cheeky chocolate puddings and knitting these incredibly cute dolls for charity!

Jacqui Malpass

Lucky for us, Jacqui said she still has time to send us in her naughty but healthy recipes now and again. We look forward to those!

You can find out more about Jacqui Malpass on Goodreads, or see the whole shebang on her website. There are some genuinely interesting articles on there (mainly for women) so if you want something thought-provoking to read on your coffee break, click here.

eVA George

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