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You probably know by now that our mission is to help you reach your health, confidence and fitness goals using methods that not only work, but last too. We understand how hard it is to make new changes with busy lifestyles and motivation that seems to up and leave without notice. That’s why the elements we focus on are not mainly about nutrition and exercise, but much deeper stuff.

Size Happy & Healthy (Size HH) works from your brain, to your behaviors and habits, which then has substantial results on your body. You don’t need to buy anything or do anything wacky, but you do need to put the work in. If you are sick of what you see in the mirror and want to make lasting change without dieting or checking the scales, dive into the book and blogs so you can start making the small, but powerful, changes TODAY. You will wish you had started sooner…

Here is some of our most popular recent blogs to get you started, plus some useful links of other great sites and articles we discovered recently.

Here’s Your Permission, Now What Will You Do With It?

living life need no permission

Many of us can relate to this article. it covers a few areas including that pesky anxiety that often creeps up just as things are looking interesting…


If Positive Thinking Isn’t Working For You, Read This…

positive thinking

Have you been on the positive thinking bandwagon? It’s a good one to be on I must admit, HOWEVER, it will not work 100% of the time. As the title says, if positive thinking hasn’t brought you the results you thought it would, read this…


Get Fit AND Enjoy A Social Life

social workouts

What do you do when you want to be healthier and stop drinking/eating as much junk, exercise more, that kind of thing, but your mates are totally not on the same buzz? Here’s what to do…



Why you should stop aiming for a specific weight or size…

Size HH size happy and healthy

” I will be happy when I weigh XYZ”, ” I will be more confident when I am a size……” (Fill in the blank). You know this feeling? Here is why you should forget about trying to force your body down to a specific weight, and stop aiming for that perfect dress size…


Looking For A Way To Lose Weight Faster? This May Change Your Mind…

lose weight faster

Oh yes, we all would love a quick fix right? Some of them work to lose weight on the scales but leave other side affects that could leave you feeling insecure about including sagging skin, no energy or ‘mojo’, dull complexion and brittle hair and nails. This is just a few of the visible effects, not to mention what is going on inside the body. Quick fixes = More effort in the end and a less enjoyable journey.


Other useful links;

Beyond The Bathroom Scale ~ The lovely Karen from BTBS was kind enough to feature my guest post and left a fab book review back when we launched Size HH because she shares much in common with the Size HH ethos. There is a tonne of things to dig around in on her site, check it out!

Fancy making your own healthy chocolate? Remember practice makes perfect… Imagine being the only one in your town who can make this delicious, creamy, HEALTHY chocolate…Could be onto something right?

Breathe Better, Sleep Better ~ Are you having trouble sleeping? This book, by our very own Sleep Guru Anandi, is a must read! Featured in Cosmopolitan and others.

Free 7 day Size Happy & Healthy course ~ What can you achieve in the next 7 days? You may surprise yourself, in fact I think you will… Sign up today and start tomorrow.


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