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If Positive Thinking Isn’t Working For You, Read This…


Have you ever felt really low and it seems like everyone around you is happy, except you? Have people told you to think positive, or not to worry, just look on the bright side etc, but you just can’t snap out of it? You are not alone…

I am a big believer in seeking the positive side of things. I also believe you can attract amazing things into your life by thinking more positively…

However, there are times when I hear someone being told to ‘think positive’ and it makes me cringe a little inside.womens health journal

It is NATURAL to experience any emotions you feel. The point of thinking positive is NOT about sweeping your real feelings under the rug, in order to feel happy constantly. Acknowledge the feelings you have, don’t hide from them. Writing them down can really help if you are looking for effective relief.

When we talk about being positive and focusing on the best bits of you, we really mean that, but we don’t mean completely neglect the things you feel bad about, or try to pretend they don’t exist. The key is to acknowledge the situation but not dwell on it, because that does nothing other than make us feel stuck.

It is very hard (almost impossible) for your brain to instantly go from feeling negative about your body, to feeling genuinely good about it, no matter how much positive thinking and appreciation you try to muster up! Don’t expect it to be instant.

There are important steps and a journey in between, longer for some of us than others. So don’t beat yourself up if positive thinking isn’t working for you yet!

Your true emotions won’t drastically change just by deciding you are going to think more positively. What you can do though, is work your way up the emotional scale pretty quickly, by choosing thoughts that give you a feeling of hope AND are believable to you right now.

thinking positiveFor instance, if you are not feeling good about your weight, instead of trying to think of something super positive that you don’t really believe, think about something that’s positive, but make sure it is believable to you personally. Then, as you start enjoying those thoughts and feel yourself making your way back up the emotional scale, you can start building further on your positive thinking habits.

It’s tempting to believe we can simply choose how we want to feel, but that is not always true 100% of the time.

In fact, studies show that; the thoughts we have, the way we feel, and even our self-control, is effected by how well we eat and how well we sleep. These two things are gigantic factors in health and body confidence, yet not enough of us gives them the attention they require. Instead we are tempted by outside ‘fixes’ that just act like sleep health weighta bandage, rather than a cure. Not enough sleep and lack of the right foods can, over time, lead to depression, anxiety and the inability to think or feel like your best self.

So yes, it does all start in the mind but you do need to back it up with the goods, give your body the fuels, exercise and rest it needs to think straight and make healthy decisions. Positive thinking is excellent, but if you are not going to follow up with actions, the positive thinking alone will become seriously exhausting after a while.

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