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Breathe Better, Sleep Better


Phew…Despite lockdown, power cuts, bad internet signal, and three small children in the house, we successfully managed to record the first episode of the Size Happy and Healthy podcast!

Since we’re all spending more time at home, it’s a good time to rest and listen to something that makes you feel good.

Size HH podcastEpisode 1

The first five episodes of the podcast will be dedicated to introducing all the women featured in the Size HH book. Each of our ladies share their experiences and some tips in each area – Sleep, lifestyle habits, mindset, hormones, nutrition, and fitness.

Our entire day is affected by the quality of sleep we had the night before. So we thought, who better to join us than one of Europe’s leading sleep specialists, Anandi Sleep Guru?

About Anandi Sleep Guru

When we launched the Size HH book back in 2015, Anandi was our sleep specialist for any readers with sleep troubles. Since then, Anandi has been running her sleep wellbeing retreats, launched a fabulous book ‘Breathe Better, Sleep Better’, and has been featured in countless international glossy magazines with her work.

Breathe Better, Sleep Better

size hh anandi sleep guru

During the podcast, we got some great insights into how you can go from insomnia to sleeping more restfully every night.  As a former insomnia sufferer, Anandi has first-hand experience of overcoming sleep problems naturally, without sleeping tablets.

Anandi also shows us the power of the breath and how we can use it to sleep well and feel better during the day.

Heart-felt Thank You

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