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How to Use The Law Of Attraction and Get Out of An Energy Slump…


Want to know how to align yourself with the goals you really want to achieve? Is the law of attraction not working for you, and you need things to change, like NOW? Are you happy with some areas of life, but in other areas you just don’t seem to progress?

If you relate to any of those questions, this was written for you…

Firstly, take a deep breath in and feel proud of yourself for looking for ways to make progress and upgrade your life.

Size HH upgrade your life

Your soul (the real you), wants you to have an outstanding life in all areas, but your mind is in charge of creating strong security measures to protect you from any form of change. This is not necessarily a bad thing. As we say in the Size HH book, it’s like the receptionist of your brain trying to keep you safe, but it is important to remember – you don’t have to believe everything you think…

Your mental energy bank

Every time you think a thought, feel a feeling, or take an action, you either spend or add funds to your mental energy bank.

Things that spend your mental energy:

  • Doing things you feel any form resentment about
  • Thinking thoughts that make you feel bad
  • Speaking negatively about yourself and others
  • Eating and drinking things that your body doesn’t need
  • Taking zero or little exercise (or taking exercise that you don’t enjoy or don’t believe will work for you)
  • Being constantly on the go with no time to quiet the mind or meditate
  • Getting little or no sleep

Things that add to your mental energy:

  • Doing things you feel great about
  • Thinking thoughts that make you feel grateful, proud, excited and happy
  • Speaking positively about yourself and others
  • Eating and drinking things that your body requires to thrive
  • Taking exercise that you enjoy
  • Having still-time for the mind (meditation)
  • Getting sufficient sleep

To make any kind of life upgrade your mental energy bank must be at a healthy balance. If you honour all of these things as the basics of mental self-care, it physically aligns and prepares you for any transformation you want to make. If you choose not look after these things, your intuition will be fogged out and instead you will only hear the loud voices of your thoughts. Which as we all know can sound like they are on repeat and the negative thoughts can spend your mental energy quicker than a casino.

Making the transformation – upgrade your life

upgrade your life - Size HH

The most important thing to remember when you want to make any kind of transformation or life upgrade is that, everything is energy. Once created, energy can never be destroyed, it can only change form.

“What on earth has this got to do with anything, I just want a better body, relationship or more money?”


When you think a thought or take an action, there is an energy and intent surrounding that thought or action. All physical things we can see like our body, clothes, trees, everything, is just different forms of condensed energy. Then we also have energy we can’t see, you know that ‘vibe’ people give off or pick up on? That is a physical vibration. Some people are more sensitive or conscious of this energy than others. The vibration you give out is what can physically align you to certain situations or people that hold the same energy or ‘frequency’. Good emotions are always higher frequencies and negative emotions emit lower frequencies.

It’s not easy to get your brain to make sense of this, but once you do, you can see how powerful your body really is and then work with your own energy and intuition to get, do, or feel whatever you want.

Let’s look at each one in more detail so you can start adding to your energy bank now and aligning yourself up to the results you want to see.

1. Consciously thinking thoughts that make you feel grateful, proud, excited and happy –

Where attention goes, energy flows. If your thoughts are on the problem and not the solution, you are feeding more energy into the problem, so then it grows. Plus your brain reacts to a thought as if the real event were occurring, so if you worry a lot or think about stressful problems, your body will often be in fight or flight mode which can lead to physical and mental health problems.

Bring your thoughts back to what you want to see happening and let yourself really feel what it would be like if you already had it. This will automatically raise your vibration and your subconscious will be influenced to your new way of thinking. Let yourself be free to imagine, feel and act as if you have already upgraded your life and practice gratitude for the things you have now, however small.

2. Speaking positively about yourself and others –

The power of your words goes deeper than you can imagine. The sound waves from your voice are physical and they can penetrate people so deeply that they then hold of the memory of it in their cells.

 The same goes for you, speak kindly about yourself and remember that the words following ‘I am’ are extremely powerful. If you carry the weight of several problems, instead of thinking ‘I am in a mess’ you could say ‘I am taking the necessary steps to be free of [insert your problem].

3. Eating and drinking things that your body requires to thrive –

Food doesn’t just produce energy, it IS energy itself. Your body then metabolizes it and produces energy with it for everything we need. When you make the choice to fuel yourself on energy that is lacking the vital ingredients you need, you are depleting your mental energy bank rather than adding to it. It might taste good at the time, but your body and mind will pay for it later. If you want to make a true change, start from the inside out and eat things that will make you think straight and feel good, washed down with plenty of water.

4. Taking exercise that you enjoy –

You were made to move, but if the thought of exercise fills you with dread, it’s time to find something that works for you. Exercising is a sociable, fun form of respect for your body and it’s a quick way to raise your vibration. That’s why most successful people take their exercise early in the morning, so they can start their day on the right note. Exercise might use the energy you get from food, but it fills up your mental bank and your physical body will love you for it.

5. Having quiet time for the mind (meditation) –

If we are constantly on the go and filling up our ‘quiet time’ with social media or TV, we never give ourselves time to actually listen to ourselves and what our intuition is telling us. We get lost in this world of work, taking care of kids, taking care of the house and not dedicating enough time to just breathe, rest and quiet the mind.

If you don’t have time to meditate, it’s a sign you could benefit from the break more than most. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting down in a yoga position (I have taken this time in many random places, the car, the bathroom etc), but it does help to be comfy and all you have to do is focus on your breath. Every time your thoughts drift into something else (trust me, they will) bring it back to breathing in and out. Feel the privilege of being able to breathe in the oxygen and release it along with any tension that may have built up.

6. Getting sufficient sleep –

This one is a toughie because we all know we need more sleep, but getting it isn’t always easy. Just know you are not alone and it’s important to get help for recurring sleep issues.

Be mindful of time spent on things like TV and social media before going to bed as that could be valuable sleep time when you need it. Scrolling through Twitter at midnight won’t solve your problems, but getting that extra hour of sleep might help you think straight tomorrow, giving you the strength needed to upgrade. Listen to your body when it needs to rest.


upgrade your life - Size HH

When you do all of these things you allow your natural intuition to flow, you feel ignited, more confident, and you start to make progress like you never saw before.

Combine this with focus and dedication to your mission, along with the right guidance and support, you will upgrade your life to levels you never thought possible.

Don’t do it alone! If you have a good support network around you who have been through similar and come out the other side better and stronger, it makes your journey so much easier.

Feel free to join our Size HH private Facebook group to be part of a supportive community of women including the lovely ladies behind the Size HH book – Eva George, Caroline Ferguson, Anandi Sleep Guru, Natalie Guyan, Jane Travis, Dale Darley, and Mercedes Lopez Charro.

No judgement of where you are at or where anyone else is at. Let’s consciously choose together to put our energy where our mouth is and make things happen in the most authentic way. We are here to support you at every step.

upgrade your life -  Size HH

To upgrade your life in any area – fitness, health, finance, or love – the transition period is not always easy, but it’s a lot easier when you know how to work with what you already have. When you think law of attraction is not working, remember it is always working, just like gravity. Make small shifts that lead to big results. Just like a plane that adjusts it’s path by just a few millimeters will end up in a totally different destination. Same with you, make a small shift or adjustment that will lead to the next and the next…

See you there! –

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