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The power of thoughts

Golden Intentions – How Your Thoughts Affect Your Success


Want to know exactly how thoughts affect your success and how you can consciously rewire them for the better?

Read on…

Sometimes just the thought alone can can kill motivation on the spot and I believe that’s why we find it so hard to make any real change.

Your mind is always communicating with your body, then your body communicates back to your mind in the form of feelings.

Your feelings are influenced by thoughts and your thoughts are influenced by your intentions.

Thoughts are communicated to your body through your central nervous system, your body releases chemical reactions (emotions) that reports back to your brain to confirm that it feels the way the mind was thinking.

What you think about is reflected almost instantly in your body.

Like when you think about something scary, you get goosebumps and the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. If you think about something sad, your posture and breathing changes and your eyes produce tears. When you continuously think and worry about problems it makes you anxious.

The power of thoughts

Thought Power

If you hadn’t guessed already, thoughts have super powerful effects on the body.  Your initial intention has a massive impact on the success of any goal, even for weight-loss and fitness. Why? Because your intention affects the types of thoughts you have!

Example 1: “I’m so overweight, I just can’t shift it.”

Example 2: “I should restrict my calorie intake so I can lose weight and feel happy in my body.”

Your body likes putting things on autopilot. Anything you practice often, whether it’s thinking fat thoughts, or playing the piano, your body learns and gradually makes it automatic. You will have built up automatic thoughts and behaviors without even realizing.

It’s how our brain makes connections and habits, good or bad.

If you think thoughts like the above, you are reconfirming to your body the very thing you don’t want.

Instead replace with:

Example 1: “I am making new changes for the better, from the inside out”

Example 2: “I eat to fuel, respect and enjoy the body I live in”

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

See the difference? A new diet or number on a scale is not a strong enough to smash those old die-hard habits. The habits have a strong emotional pull, these new diet or weight goals have weak emotional pull compared.

Golden Intentions

If your intention or goal is based on something that is truly meaningful to you, that’s where the magic happens. If your intention is to only eat a certain number of calories per day, reach a number on the scales or become specific dress size, it will be a struggle, possibly for life.

When you change your intention, you change the thoughts surrounding your goal and so the chemical reactions in your body also change.

For instance, turning a diet goal into personal growth goal has two completely different sets of chemical reactions in your body.

A diet limiting foods will leave you feeling lack, wanting more food, missing your old food, concerned about numbers on the scale, disappointment, mental and physical exhaustion.

Personal growth intentions may mean your diet changes too but since you will be doing it for different reasons, it’s just a small part of a bigger goal and you do it without huge effort because it feels like the most natural next step to take.

A personal growth intention is more motivational, it has more depth and meaning and it’s longer lasting. Like it can last for life, whereas a diet may only last weeks. It’s your evolution, how do you want to evolve over the next year or decade even?

Your Evolution

womans wellbeing

The first thing I get to the bottom of with ladies I work with, is why they want what they want. It’s not until we really dig deep that we find out the real answer, what is really meaningful to them and why.

Once they know that and change their inner intention, everything begins to change.

This type of change is not trying to fight anything (like the biscuit cravings), you are literally molding your internal wiring into an evolved version of you. It is not shallow dieting; it’s creating long-lasting cellular change.

That is how people go from wanting junk food to actually craving healthier things. It’s no longer a struggle, it becomes like a natural evolution of you. It’s not magic, it’s neuroscience.

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