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Healing From The Inside Out


The entire Size HH concept is based around the fact that by changing your intentions and thoughts, you change the chemical reactions in your body, giving you better results. It’s all about change and healing from the inside out.

But what happens when you can’t seem to change your thoughts because the feelings from your body (pain, suffering, anxiety) are too overwhelming?

This is something many people struggle with. Since your body influences your thoughts every day, it will seem impossible to be able to change this physical pain just by changing your thoughts.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Size HH healing

Trauma detected

When anything traumatic happens to us in life, whether it be an accident, illness, violence or any other type of trauma, it is so significant that our brain and body’s job is to highlight it as a potential threat in future. In the following months (sometimes years), the body can stay on standby ready for fight, flight or freeze incase it happens again.

As you recall the memory of it in your head, it releases a similar set of chemical reactions in your body, as if it were happening again. This further reaffirms that the body needs to stay in survival mode, not thriving mode.

It can be utterly exhausting for your mind and body to keep reliving the trauma without changing the association connected with it.

That’s why people go to therapy, so that they can change the internal coding or association that goes with the trauma. In turn they don’t have such a significant release of chemicals like they did before. They may not recall the memory as often, and if they do, it is with a different perception that allows your body to start going back to thriving mode.

What if the pain is a physical pain you are experiencing today?

The way our pain sensors work, it’s extremely difficult to change your thoughts when the sensors are continuously messaging our brain to inform us of pain. This is how painkillers work. They block off that messaging so that you can catch a break. However, not everyone wants to be on pain meds forever or feel like their body is holding them back.

WhatsApps between your brain and body?

Our body is always looking to heal. It is always looking to find its way back to Happy & Healthy, believe it or not.

And so, our body is always ready for messages from your brain to say that healing is occurring. Imagine if we could see these messages like WhatsApps… Would we be more conscious of what we send back to the body?

Right now, you could be stuck in a loop of messaging between your brain and body (who communicate every second of the day) where you wake up and the pain signals commence, so then you start thinking about everything associated with that. Those thoughts then send signals to your body to reconfirm these problems are still present as ever and so the cycle continues.

It’s an extremely tough loop to break, but it’s not impossible.

Healing from the inside out

The first step is to accept the pain signals that come in and recognize that it is your body doing its job, NOT your body letting you down. Don’t beat yourself thinking that your body is letting you down or less than because you are experiencing pain of any kind.

Dr Joe Dispenza is an amazing example of healing the physical through the power of the mind and change from the inside out. I highly recommend listening to his work on YouTube if you haven’t already.

Our body is such a personal thing that when something is not working like it should, we can blame ourselves, our DNA, the past, or just giving up because we believe it’s something we are stuck with and can’t change. This doesn’t produce the chemicals required for healing, it actually tells our body to reaffirm it again and again.

Do not give up or think you are stuck forever feeling this way. There are elements of our DNA we can change, (that’s how we evolve) and there are internal reactions we can change.

Breaking the Loop

If you are feeling like your body is controlling your thinking and you can’t see a way out, please reach out for a free confidential consultation with Eva from Size HH. Eva specializes in using neuroscience to pinpoint and help break any electrochemical loops (habits) that negatively affect your entire body, thoughts, and hormones.

Everyone is different, that’s why we have a team of selected professionals that work alongside Eva to provide 360 support with everything from Psychotherapy, Mind Training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Sleep troubles, Nutrition, Fitness, and other holistic professionals. Visit the About Us page to meet the Size HH team.

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Cindy Fox says 4 years ago

I’d never heard of Size HH before. Definitely sounds like very positive results from changing your intentions and thoughts. It’s intriguing too that it’s possible to break the ‘loop’ between the body and the brain.
Thanks for sharing this!

    Eva George says 4 years ago

    Thank you Cindy, glad you enjoyed the post!

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