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At Size HH, we are passionate about helping women of all ages feel better about their bodies and are extremely excited to share this project with you!

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After two years, the Size HH book is finally ready and will be launched on December 2nd to inspire busy women like us to look and feel the best they can.

When writing the book, we picked the brains of  experts and learnt from stories of amazing women who have struggled with their weight and body image but eventually succeeded in finding a healthy size they are genuinely happy with.

These stories really inspired us, but we know this is just the tip of the iceberg and so we want to hear your story too!

Our aim is to bring together inspirational and useful personal stories of people trying to find their Size Happy & Healthy so that we can all learn from and gain support from like-minded women who have or are struggling with the same issues.

To make it worth your while, we are offering a great prizes from brands including Fitbit and Nutribullet for the story that we feel is most powerful and inspiring. Even if you don’t win, you can know that you have inspired and supported hundreds of women struggling with the same issues you have accomplished, which is very important!

Share your story by posting in the comments below this post, or anywhere else you like to express yourself and then putting the link below before December 4th at 4pm GMT.

We will announce the winner on December 4th, and there are loads of other chances to win during our online launch on December 2nd, so sign up to our Facebook event for more information

We’re looking forward to reading/hearing your stories!



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Carlie says 8 years ago

I spent most of my teenage years and my early 20s feeling very unhappy with how my body looked and it made me miserable. I never liked being close to anyone which us why I avoided getting involved with a partner. Even when I met my other half I wad still very unhappy with my body and didn’t like him seeing me get undressed which made things uncomfortable when we were intimate. When I fell pregnant I lost a lot of weight and after given birth it stayed that way but I still wasn’t happy with the shape I had. We then went on to have another baby soon after and I lost even more Weight to a point were I was very unhealthy and I looked very ill with it. It took me a while after given birth to put some weight back on and I learnt that wing over weight made me unhappy just the same as being under weight did so I realised that it was the way I looked at myself that made me unhappy so with the help of those around me they helped me to look at myself differently and learn to love who I was. I’m now a good healthy weight and size and very comfortable in my own body :). I’m lucky that I have a great partner who supported me though out all of the ups and downs but it was also down to having an amazing best friend who helped me to change the way I thought about things and it was after that the physical things changed so thank you eva George for being the amazing person you are and for all the help and support you have given me. love you hun xx

Georgina Shaw says 8 years ago

Love this story sharing competition, I have written my story on my blog, hope it can inspire some people and start a discussion

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