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A Message From The Scales..



Hello Monday morstanding on scalesning!

(in fact hello any morning)


It’s like Groundhog Day and not because of the lockdown..

Wake up, poop, pee.. Wince one eye and tentatively step on the scales.. Chances are if you’ve read this far, you’re a habitual slave to the scales and what I’m about to write may sound all too familiar.

Which one of these scenario can you most relate to? How does it make you feel? You step off the scales, your soul sinks, you tell yourself how bad you are for what you ate and did.

The number on the scales concludes its evaluation, it dictates your day and you’ve somehow started on the back foot.

You must do more, be better.. The number becomes an instant black cloud, you question your choices agonise over the times you felt hungry, ate because you’d been too long between meals or had that one meal you’d enjoyed.

The rest of your day loses its edge, your overall mood and enthusiasm out the window.

But maybe going without food until lunchtime will change tomorrow’s result?tiny meal diet starving

You’ve had those days but you’ve also had the days when you get that instant gratification, the scales loudly pat you on the back you feel a sense of greatness (because the scales have told you so). You step back on just to check, yes, you get that applause again. Well you have been “good” haven’t you, you know.

Eating as little as possible, feeling a bit miserable. It’s all paid off, today you can have a treat and relax, eat a little bit more of the food you really like.

But tomorrow is another judgement day and the yo-yo continues.

So why do we get on the scales?

I don’t know about you, but for me it was a cheerleader (from hell). An instance buzz (if it moved in the right direction). A very quick way to get reassurance for my own insecurities. A cheerleader that would encourage me to eat less, follow FAD diets praise me for banning complete food groups and stroke my ego whilst my health declined.

Let’s look at the value a scale has to offer, because quite frankly it’s a piece of glass, plastic and metal that has no idea about who you are or what you really need… So why do we trust it? Is there another way?

Size HH ditch the scales size happy and healthy

What about a scenario where scales don’t exist (imagine this).. A moment in time where we need to measure our success on how we feel about ourselves. Wake up and choose what you want to wear based on how much you like how it looks and feels.

Choose foods that align with your goals, that you enjoy, learn how to empower yourself with more energy, focus and motivation.

Take part in activities, because you enjoy them, set yourself goals and celebrate your achievements.

Keep a daily diary of your emotions and be your own cheerleader. No one else has the right to take away how amazing you are, not even a pimped up piece of metal… You’re more than just a number on the scale.

By Natalie Guyan, featured in the Size Happy & Healthy book.

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