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Minimizing Coronavirus Anxiety When You Have A Medical Condition


There are thousands (possibly millions) of people that have current medical conditions who are worried about catching this disease. The coronavirus anxiety is real. It’s a real, physical reaction to the thoughts of what could happen if…

And quite rightly so. Anyone who has current medical conditions is now dealing with a new potential threat to their health. It’s not called the ‘novel’ virus for nothing. The world is on lockdown because it is new. Since there is no medication yet to cure those that need it, countries are doing what they can to stop the spread.

There has been plenty of conspiracy theories surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. The point is, whatever the truth, most people are recovering, but some are not. Some conspiracy videos on social media have pointed out that viruses themselves are not ‘catchable’. That’s true, but the virions ARE catchable and it’s the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2) virions that are causing this virus in people and that’s why severity of symptoms is so varied. Every host (body) the virions end up in will manifest into different levels of coronavirus symptoms [1].

If you are not confident about your physical health right now and are worried, what can you do? Well, there is one place to start… your mental wellbeing.

mind and body connecton coronavirus anxiety

Why? Your mind and body are always communicating. Anything that regularly goes on upstairs in your brain has an effect somewhere in your body.

Mind Matters

Anything you give focus to you send it more energy. So, if our mind is anxious about catching the coronavirus, it is not sending out resources to the body for healing your current medical condition. Instead, the energy is being used on preparing your body for possible fight.

We want to bring the focus back to optimizing the mental and physical health of the current you. If you have a lot on your mind, get your thoughts off your chest – be it to a friend, your partner, a journal, or us here at Size HH – then shift your focus back to making this unexpected situation into an opportunity to focus on health and prioritize self-care.

5 ways to reduce coronavirus anxiety and bring your focus back to optimum health:

woman listening to theraputic musicListen to uplifting music – Therapeutic soundwaves travel through the air and into our ears where they translate the vibrations of sound into electrical information that acts like stimulant to our brain. Our body follows the mind, that’s why music has such a strong impact on the body and can make us want to dance, or even cry. Vibrations from sounds that you truly love brings the body and mind into alignment. It’s a great way to physically interrupt the electrochemical reactions that otherwise can get us into a negative thinking spiral of coronavirus anxiety. You can find hours of binaural beats on YouTube with different frequencies depending which type of stimulus you want to receive, or stick on some old favorites!

woman resting in chair

  • Prioritize sleep – Your body needs to save all the energy it can to heal and build up your immune system. Lack of sleep seriously affects our mental and physical health, leaving us far more susceptible to illness. Not only that but during your sleep, your mitochondria clear out cellular waste from your brain, leaving it fresher for when you wake up. If you don’t have good sleep, your natural cellular detox may be disrupted, and it can cause inflammation of the cells. When we want to focus on health, sleep is a major component to healing and repair.

natural exfoliation detox

  • Detoxing the rubbish – This goes for detoxing your whole life, but since your sleep helps detox your brain, your awake self can help detox your body. After staying hydrated with plenty of (preferably filtered) water and drinks containing electrolytes, start by releasing some of the toxins out of the largest organ of your body – the skin. You can assist this process with a full body exfoliation. You can use a loofah with oil of your choice, a home-made body scrub, or using a naturally bristled brush on dry skin and showering off afterwards. Do not brush over broken skin. Eat foods containing plenty of  fibre so that you make it easier for your body to pass stools containing toxins you don’t require in your body. 

junk food no good for healing

  • Limit foods that don’t help – The coronavirus has become well known for manifesting respiratory problems in people that can then lead to further complications like pneumonia. There are certain foods that are known for producing mucus in the body, such as dairy products. It’s wise to limit these foods as much as possible around flu season, so that you can focus on healthy you right now, minus the mucus. Foods that bloat the body are also best avoided since they can put unnecessary pressure on your lungs.

healthy food immune building coronavirus anxiety

Take foods that do help your immune system – Nature holds a lot of gold for our immune system. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and provides essential vitamins for your mind and body. Try to stock up on frozen fruit if you’re concerned about coronavirus lockdown or if you can’t get out of the house often. Vitamin C and Vitamin D are essential for health, so consider high-quality supplements during this time. Olive leaf extract is a fantastic supplement for boosting your immune system and worth discussing with your doctor if you can take it. Since everyone is different, everyone requires different foods in their diet to for optimum health. Always talk to a qualified doctor, dietician or nutritionist before radically changing your eating habits. What works to reduce bloating and mucus in one person, may not work for you.


These 5 things may seem simple, but each of them works its magic to assist your body in what it’s trying to do anyway – be happy and healthy. That’s all your body wants to do. Anytime you cut yourself, your body works to heal. 

Now, let’s quit giving coronavirus anxiety so much attention (did you see our previous blog on overcoming fear and anxiety?) and bring all your focus back to optimum health, starting with the simple 5 steps above. 



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Dale Darley says 4 years ago

Completely agree with you. You make a powerful point. If you focus on something else, how can you heal what is more important.

    Eva George says 4 years ago

    Spot on Dale, lots of love and thank you for reading!

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