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Can You Think Yourself Thin Using The Law Of Attraction?


Ever since the launch of the movie and book, The Secret, the law of attraction has become more recognised and consciously practiced by millions. In the book, it talks about using the law of attraction for weight loss and attracting your dream figure. So can you really just think yourself thin? Surely that’s just too good to be true.

law of attraction

The law of attraction states that you can have or do anything you want if you think and feel as if you already have it, even being genuinely grateful for having it already, even if you don’t. By doing this, you would be on the same frequency as the things you desire, so you will attract them. Apparently, this includes your ideal figure.

We had to delve deeper into this…

According to science, everything on this planet is just energy under the microscope. The more compact energy makes up physical things like food and drink, or the device you may be reading this on, down to energy we can’t see, such as gravity, electricity and attraction.

So if food is just energy too, does that mean I can eat whatever I want and achieve my dream body, so long as I have the right mind set and use law of attraction?

Well not exactly…

Food should be used just as wisely as any other energy. Too much of the wrong types would have a negative effect on health because we all thrive on good energy. Thinking yourself slim and eating whatever you like are too very different things, but they do have a connection.

There are physical changes that happen in our body when we think positive thoughts and feel good emotions from it. The sensations you feel when you are happy, thankful or excited etc is a chemical release in your body. It’s a powerful thing and it all starts from a thought. Many of us experience these feelings when we think about, or eat certain foods. That’s why it becomes an emotional habit because we chase more of those good feelings.

What has that got to do with thinking yourself thin?

Well, if you find yourself repeatedly visualising yourself as something you don’t like or want, such as being fat or ugly, this gives you negative emotions, creates a chemical reaction in your body and sends out a negative energy. According to the law of attraction, thoughts become things, so you could become that picture of yourself if you keep giving it emotional attention. Be the person you want to be and give your focus to that, rather than imagining and worrying about what you don’t want to be.

Visualising yourself as a picture of health and being content with your body, feeling good as you do so, will create positive chemical reactions and energy. It also creates sustainable motivation because your focus won’t be on losing weight any more but rather to just be happy and of attraction food

So, how do some people manage to eat whatever they want and not put on a pound?

The difference is what they want and what you want is likely to be different, they may be eating all they want, but to you that may not be a lot. They may genuinely eat a lot and still not put on any weight, but there are probably many factors for this including metabolism which I will be talking about in a post shortly. Anyway, please forget about what anyone else is doing, this is about you and you are unique.

Everything is a choice and life is about finding balance. Too much of anything can have a negative effect. The same as too much alcohol distorts our vision and thinking, too much (or not enough) food distorts the way our body works and the way we think by giving us measurable chemical reactions. Finding balance with everything in life means you can indeed enjoy whatever treats you want because you will be balancing it with good food energy too. When we only aim for healthy rather than ‘losing weight’, the right size for our shape will come as a result. No crazy dieting needed!

So in a few senses yes you can think yourself thin (if that’s what your heart truly desires). By focusing only on yourself as a vision of health and vitality, you will automatically put yourself on the right path in your head, leading you to make healthier choices in your life. If you practice this regularly and feel good as you do so, those thoughts and choices will quickly become habits you will do without even thinking about it.

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